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TV Exclusive: Kristin Chenoweth Sings for Anthony Weiner on Leno; Video + Lyrics!

Last night on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH Jay Leno, the Tony and Emmy winning Kristin Chenoweth appeared to sing a hilarious parody version of WICKED's 'Popular', all about Anthony Weiner. Yes, Anthony Weiner.

Chenoweth, most recently appeared on Broadway in Promises, Promises and will next be seen on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Concert, August 23-24. Her other theater credits include Wicked and her Tony-winning turn in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Chenoweth's TV credits include her Emmy-winning work on "Pushing Daisies", ABC's GCB and guest starring roles on CBS's 'The Good Wife and Fox's GLEE.

The parody number was writen by Sharon Wheatley and Allen Kendall, two talented writers who together wrote AVENUE ZOO for the Bronx Zoo, followed by a re-write earlier this year where it's now also running at the Houston Zoo. As explained by co-writer Wheatley, "Allen is currently performing in 42nd Street at The Weston Playhouse and I moved to Southern California 8 days ago. We got the call and wrote this in less than 24 hours while he was in tech and I was painting walls and unpacking boxes. We had to wait for a sign off from Stephen Schwartz since we re-wrote his famous lyrics, and then pray to the political Gods that Anthony Weiner would be as stubborn as he is promiscuous and not drop out of the race before it aired! Writing for Kristin is a dream come true. We're so excited, and to get to go as her guest to The Tonight Show is about as great am intro to Hollywood as I could have asked for. "

"Popular" Rewrite for Kristin Chenoweth
Lyric Rewrite by Allen Kendall and Sharon Wheatley, Music by Stephen Schwartz
KRISTIN (sung):

Whenever I meet someone who's in the public eye,
And let's face it, Mr. Weiner, you're in the public eye,
My tender heart tends to start to bleed.
But may I suggest a makeover?
I simply need to take over.
You know I know exactly what you need.

Can't you see it in my face?
You are the toughest case I've yet to face.
Don't worry, Carlos Danger is no more.
He's out the door.
And now for sure you will be...

The right kind of popular.
I'll teach you to zip your fly,
You won't be that guy
With a camera down his pants - ugh! -
I'll teach you what tweets to tweet,
Something clean and sweet
We'll make sure you get the chance to be...

The right kind of popular.
They'll think you've become a monk,
Though they've seen your junk
Now you'll play a different show
So let's start,
'Cause you've got an awfully long way to go.

Please pay attention to my frank analysis,
Think of it as social media dialysis,
Now that you're running, I'll become your pal,
A sister and advisor
You need someone wiser
Someone to make you

The right kind of popular
There'll be no more sexy texts
With your biceps flexed
Your roaming eye will roam no more.
You wanna be the Mayor? Stop actin' like a big ol' whore.

We'll try to make you popular.

Think about your dear wife, Huma...
Hope she's got a sense of humor
She should take a page from Hillary
And become
Independent of her hubby
While you sport a chat room chubby
With all her brains and knowledge
She should be free

To be popular.
Please! I know she'd be popular
The voters want leadership
Not some sexting drip
There's no question she would be
Very, very popular like me.

KRISTIN (spoken): Seriously, Huma, woman to woman, if that guy doesn't zip up and unplug, kick him to the curb. And to Anthony Carlos Danger Weiner (or whatever your name is):

As you may have guessed
My disinterest
In you running NYC
Don't know if I can bear it,
Your porno popularity.

La la la...
Sure, you're popular
Just not quite as popular as me.

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