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THE X FACTOR: The Top 10 Results Show!


Here we go again, folks- the results show! Last night was rough as the contestants performed rock songs. Some shined, while others crashed and burned. Only 9 will move on to next week's live show. Did some of last night's slips affect the fates of the strongest competitors? We will soon find out as the bottom two will be revealed and one contestant will be going home tonight!

The episode got off to a great start as the contestants gave a high-energy group performance of "We Will Rock You." They sounded good, but seemed to be a little drowned out by the music and Leroy Bell missed his solo (good thing this mess up occurred tonight instead of last night!).

The order in which the results were announced was changed tonight. We didn't have to wait in suspense to find out who was going through. The first two contestants that were safe were Leroy Bell and LaKoda Rayne. I found this a little surprising since these two acts didn't give the best performances last night. I hoped this wouldn't hurt the chances of those who were more on their top game. Paula was very happy since her last group left will be moving on and she is still in the competition.

We took a break from the results and got to see a photo shoot that the contestants went on. They all seemed to have a great time getting their pictures taken by a professional photographer and even received their own cameras as a gift. They got to experience a luxury that the winner will become accustomed to.THE X FACTOR: The Top 10 Results Show!

Then, Rihanna performed. She sang "We Found Love." Her performance was great and very entertaining. She set a perfect example for the contestants of how a true star performs. She gave them advice and said, "You have to love what you do."

More results were revealed. The next contestants moving on were Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew, and Rachel Crow. The votes here definitely went to some of the competitors who gave the best performances of the night!

Astro and Stacey Francis were in the bottom two. I was shocked to see that Astro was one of the contestants to get the least amount of votes. He gave a great performance last night and has been one of the strongest contestants thus far. I do not think he deserves to be in the bottom. Although I do not believe Stacey gave the worst performance of the night, I do understand why she is in the bottom two.

Stacey Francis sang "Amazing Grace." She seemed very nervous and sounded a little off. The performance was definitely not her best and didn't convince me that she deserves to stay.

Astro did not feel the need to perform and asked for L.A.'s thoughts. L.A. of course, told him to perform. Astro seemed convinced that he was going home and pretty much gave up. He sang, "Never Can Say Goodbye." He didn't put much effort into the performance and it was one of his weakest.

The judges each voted for who they thought should go home. L.A. and Paula voted for Stacy THE X FACTOR: The Top 10 Results Show!Francis to leave the competition. Nicole voted to send Astro home. Simon once again had the deciding vote. He called Astro out for his bad attitude. Astro said, "I don't want to perform for people who don't want me here." He was emotional and frustrated. His reaction was very immature, but it is understandable since he is, after all, just a kid. Simon decided to put Astro through, sending Stacey Francis home. I believe that this was the right choice. Although, Astro definitely did not handle the situation well, he is still one of the more talented performers on the show and the better of the two.

Wow this was a crazy night! It was the first results show that made me question whether America made the right decision. In the end, the best are moving on to next week's live show. The final 9 are Leroy Bell, LaKoda Rayne, Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew, Rachel Crow, and Astro.

Don't forget to tune in to THE X FACTOR Tuesday at 8pm for the next Live Show. Check back in to BroadwayWorld for another recap!
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