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THE INTERVIEW GAME New Hanukkah Edition Is Now Available

It's the new game that connects families for the holidays via safe, socially distant video chat.

THE INTERVIEW GAME New Hanukkah Edition Is Now Available

In these socially-distant times, families are looking for safe ways to connect meaningfully for the holidays. The Interview Game now offers a special 2020 Hanukkah edition, connecting family in uplifting, memorable interactions, safely over Zoom (or preferred video chat platform). This Holiday season families are advised not to celebrate together, in order to keep everyone safe.

With The Interview Game, we can safely connect deeply, and have fun sharing stories, perspectives, legacies and laughs together.

With expertly crafted and sequenced questions and prompts, the 2020 Hanukkah edition of The Interview Game engages multiple generations of family members in 60-minutes of fun, illuminating conversations that inform, entertain and surprise. Family members answer questions in over a dozen categories ranging from Food, Nature, The Arts, Trivia, Laughter, About You, and Unprecedented Times.

...If you could make up a new holiday, what would it be? Why? How would you celebrate it? ...What is your favorite Hanukkah dish? What is special about it? Who makes it best? Why? ...What do you wish people understood about you? ...What can we learn from the pandemic and how can we grow stronger from the experience? ...What are you grateful for?

The cure for the common family Zoom gathering, The Interview Game turns ordinary video-chat-time into quality family gathering time. This holiday season, The Interview Game can be your family's antidote to pandemic-time isolation. Developed with psychologists, spiritual leaders, teachers, grandparents, parents, and kids of all ages, The Interview Game is strategically designed for players to gradually go deeper, recognize, celebrate, and ultimately 'see each other.' Social distancing does not have to mean emotional distancing.

Interview Games can be recorded for free and kept as cherished video mementoes for posterity.

In addition to the new 2020 Hanukkah edition for families, The Interview Game offers a special 2020 Holidays family edition, as well as unique one-on-one editions for Grandparent & Grandchild, Family Members, Valued Friends, Rites of Passage, Bar & Bat Mitzvah , and even a special The Jewish Mishpacha High Holy Days edition.

"The Interview Game began among a group of friends raising our children thousands of miles away from our parents," says Ami Dayan, Founder of The Interview Game. We started experimenting with reciprocal Interview Games that were greeted with unabashed enthusiasm and input from family, friends, psychologists, teachers and kids of all ages.

When COVID-19 altered our plans to launch The Interview Game at public events in schools, churches and community centers in the spring, we shifted to video chat editions, allowing anyone with WIFI, a web-enabled device and 60 minutes to connect deeply and safely with family and friends.

This allowed families to document their two-way interview and keep a cherished video memento. The pandemic did not change our mission to create a better, more compassionate, empathetic world by truly 'seeing each other.' With growing isolation and loneliness-particularly for elderly and fragile populations-this mission is now more urgent than ever. Thankfully, we are seeing that while the pandemic is contagious, so is love."

The two family editions of The Interview Game, 2020 Hanukkah edition and the special 2020 Holidays edition, are $25. All one-on-one editions of The Interview Game are $15. All games are available for download from

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