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Student Blog: Good-bye Student Life

Student Blog: Good-bye Student Life

"Now what? I feel like I left a part of me in my college campus, but the only thing I can do is to turn the page and start writing a new chapter of my life."

Now what? I feel like I left a part of me in my college campus, but the only thing I can do is to turn the page and start writing a new chapter of my life. It's hard to think that I'll never be a student walking down the halls, running to the theater, having fun at the cafeteria or enjoying my time at the library again. Living as a student is not easy as in the movies, but for sure it's something you never knew you'll miss, until it's your first day as an adult.

I guess it's not that bad. Graduating also means you're one step closer to fulfilling those dreams you've been writing in your journal since you were a kid. In my experience, college gave me the opportunity of exploring what I wanted to do later in the real world, so it's just a matter of time that I have a job in something I'll enjoy everyday. It's weird having to let go of the routine you've been following the last few years, but it's beautiful to remember everything as the golden years.

In another universe, I was the chosen one to give the graduation speech and I'm sure it was full of hidden references about theater, pop culture and Taylor Swift. But for now I'm just grateful for having a great college experience, for the friends I made and the lessons I've learned.

The situation of the pandemic made me realize how much I loved being at my campus, but I was lucky to have the opportunity to start many personal projects during this time. I became a student blogger here at Broadway World and it was so cool, because I've always wanted to write in a more professional way and I had the chance to do it from home. It was a moment where I realized how much I love theater and it ended up becoming my safe place. A year later I entered the Theater Production Company at my campus and that changed my life in some ways. Also I started two podcasts and became more confident about myself by talking through a microphone and saying what I wanted to say about my favorite topics. .

The moment I went back, I knew I needed to go back to the radio, to the recording studios, to the design labs and to the theater. My last semester I joined a radio program about cinema at my campus radio station and it became my safe place. I met friends that I'm sure are for life and I had so much fun talking about movies, TV shows and that world once a week.

I did so many things I'm proud of, like earning an internship as a journalist at a magazine; also I'm sure there are other things I would rather forget, but even if I wanted to change something. If I'm being honest, I still feel like I know everything and nothing at the same time, just that now I'm sure that everything's going to be okay.

Right now I want to enjoy my freedom days because once I start working, things will definitely change. If I was a millionaire, I would be having a year off while traveling the world, visiting new cities and living that dream, but I'm not so I have to look for a job. The good news is that I really hope I get a job where I can do what I love either being in a production company for a movie, music videos or even a show; becoming a full time entertainment journalist or maybe I'm lucky enough to find a job in theater.

Thank you for reading my blogs these past year.

Student Blog: Good-bye Student Life

"There's a million things I haven't done but just you wait"


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