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Spike Hill Announces Musical Acts Through 9/24

Spike Hill, on 184-186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will be presenting many musical artists this August and September. Tickets and information about the events can be found on or by phone (718)218-9737.

Monday, August 9th-Jazz Night!
8:00 PM-Douglas Bradford
9:00 PM-9 Volt Circuistry
10:00 PM-Prana
11:00 PM-Innertextures

Tuesday, August 10th
8:00 PM-DePantz
9:00 PM-ExileFaker
10:00 PM-Natty
11:00 PM-Rhinostrich
12:00 AM-Zen Albatros

Wednesday, August 11th
10:00 PM-Lizzy Loeb
11:00 PM-Adam Bricks

Thursday, August 12th
NEW 8:00 PM-NT
NEW 9:00 PM-Soft Skin
NEW TIME 10:00 PM-Sunshower Orphans
NEW TIME 11:00 PM-Food Stamps
NEW TIME 12:00 AM-Mr. Dream

Friday, August 13th
7:00 PM-Chris Lind
8:00 PM-Johanna and the Dusty Floor
9:00 PM-Communication Corporation
10:00 PM-The Nightmare River Band
11:00 PM-Dance Fight

Saturday, August 14th
6:00 PM-Lisa Jaeggi
8:00 PM-Shortwave Sunshine
9:00 PM-All Dinosaurs
NEW 10:00 PM-The Jack Moves
11:00 PM-The Life and Times Of...
NEW 12:00 AM-The Flowdown

Sunday, August 15th
7:00 PM-Low Society
8:00 PM-Speedo Jones
NEW 9:00 PM-Urban St. Gypsys Blues Band

Monday, August 16th--Jazz Night!
7:30 PM-Nuosphere Quartet
8:30 PM-Daniel Platzman
9:30 PM-Simon Yu's Exotic Experiment
10:45 PM-Nathan Parker Smith

Tuesday, August 17th
8:00 PM-Ishmael
9:00 PM-Lovers of All Times
10:00 PM-The Three Citations
11:00 PM-Astor Kings

Wednesday, August 18th
NEW 9:00 PM-Bel Air
10:00 PM-Mary Page
11:00 PM-Sputnik Sweetheart

Thursday, August 19th
9:00 PM-Aunt Martha
10:00 PM-Peculiar Gentlemen
11:00 PM-Kingsfoil

Friday, August 20th--$8 Cover
8:00 PM-Ross Livermore Band
9:00 PM-Yvette Rovira
10:00 PM-Special Guest!
11:00 PM-Lifted
12:00 AM-Dance Fight

Saturday, August 21st
6:00 PM-Meng Tian
10:00 PM-Life Size Maps

Sunday, August 22nd
NEW 8:00 PM-Meghan Lastra
NEW 9:00 PM-The Simple Man

Monday, August 23rd--Jazz Night!
8:00 PM-Jordan Piper
9:00 PM-Matt Snow Group
10:00 PM-Donald Malloy
11:00 PM-Melissa Aldana

Tuesday, August 24th
NEW 8:00 PM-Top Cop
NEW TIME 9:00 PM-Mark DeNardo Graffiti Monsters
NEW TIME 10:00 PM-Mala Strana
NEW TIME 11:00 PM-Teenage Souls

Wednesday, August 25th
NEW 10:00 PM-Willie Breeding
11:00 PM-The Black Churches-CANCELLED
11:30 PM-The Guru

Thursday, August 26th
NEW 7:00 PM-Electric People
NEW 8:00 PM-Crawl Babies
9:00 PM-Stethoscopes
10:00 PM-Corita
11:00 PM-The Barrens

Thursday, August 27th
8:00 PM-Fredericks Brown
9:00 PM-Afuche
10:30 PM-Big Words
NEW 11:30 PM-Zongo Junction

Saturday, August 28th
NEW 8:00 PM-Will Stratton
9:00 PM-Beau Jennings

Sunday, August 29th
8:00 PM-Sidewalk Dave
NEW 9:00 PM-Pale Horse Company

Monday, August 30th--Jazz Night!
8:00 PM-Time In Transit
9:00 PM-La Pompe Manouche
10:00 PM-Izzo's Jazz Junkeez
11:00 PM-Brama Sukarma

Tuesday, August 31st
NEW 9:00 PM-The Courtesy Tier
10:00 PM--Backlights

Wednesday, September 1st
10:00 PM-The Thang Residency!
11:00 PM-David E Beats x The White House Band

Thursday, September 2nd
8:00 PM-Christina Cone
NEW 10:00 PM-Holding Back Entirely

Saturday, September 4th
8:00 PM-Wild Rompit

Sunday, September 5th
NEW 7:00 PM-The Peace
NEW 8:00 PM-Driftwood Motion

Wednesday, September 8th
10:00 PM-Peck

Thursday, September 9th
9:00 PM-Young Lady
10:00 PM-I Love Monsters

Friday, September 10th
8:00 PM-The Goods CD Release Show!
9:00 PM-Mary Page
11:00 PM-Low Water

Saturday, September 11th
NEW 8:00 PM-Lost Boy
NEW 9:00 PM-Baby Brainwave
NEW 11:00 PM-Lily & The Parlour

Sunday, September 12th
9:00 PM-Planeside
10:00 PM-Sunday Blues

Monday, September 13th -Jazz Night!
8:00 PM-Rich Savage
9:00 PM-Nicholas Myers
10:00 PM-Danielle Freeman

Wednesday, September 15th
10:00 PM-The Thang Residency

Friday, September 17th
NEW 9:00 PM-Dead Heart Bloom

Saturday, September 18th
NEW 9:00 PM-Shark?
NEW 10:00 PM-Miniboone
NEW 11:00 PM-ArpLine

Sunday, September 19th
NEW 7:00 PM-Dan Wilde
NEW 9:00 PM-Union Street Preservation Society

Wednesday, September 22nd
NEW 10:00 PM-Rosewood Ghosts

Thursday, September 23rd
NEW 8:00 PM-Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!
NEW 9:00 PM-Julius C
NEW 10:00 PM-The Thang Residency
NEW 11:00 PM-The Nightmare River Band
NEW 12:00 AM-Spaceship! A Fireflies Cover Band

Friday, September 24th
NEW 10:00 PM-Mamraznew yzi

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