STAGE TUBE: June Havoc Outake from Broadway: The Golden Age

Writes filmmaker McKay:

" An out-take from the Rick McKay film "Broadway: The Golden Age" of the legendary June Havoc telling the story of getting her first big job on Broadway. Havoc is part of the cast of the sequel, "Broadway: BEYOND the Golden Age," opening in 2011. June was a lifetime veteran of show business, starring in Vaudeville in the 1920's, going on to great success on Broadway and in Hollywood, while unfortunately being known best as the inspiration for "Baby June" in her sister Gypsy Rose Lee's autobiography "Gypsy," which became one of the most successful Broadway musicals ever created. But, this clip will give you an idea of her passion for the business - and for life - that was with her well into her 90's. June and I had numerous meetings in the 1990's about turning her story into a documentary, but our schedules never jibed and I made "Broadway: The Golden Age" instead, including her. But, what I did make was a great friend, and I spent many nights there getting to know June. She was incredibly inspiring and life-affirming and I will miss her greatly . . . ."

June Havoc, the real-life inspiration for "Baby June" in GYPSY passed away yesterday at age 96.

Miss Havoc, began her career at the age of two as "Dainty June, The Darling of Vaudeville." At age 14, she danced in the first of her seven marathons. She also starred in twenty-two Broadway plays and penned two autobiographies, "More Havoc" and "Early Havoc," upon which her play MARATHON '33 is based.

Miss Havoc was a member of the Theatre Hall of Fame and a double-honoree on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Miss Havoc, along with her sister, the infamous Gypsy Rose Lee, and mother, Rose, were immortalized in the musical GYPSY.


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