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A Chorus Line Miniseries
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Ryan Murphy's A CHORUS LINE Limited Series is in the Works

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He also talks about producing 'The Prom' and 'The Boys in the Band' for Netflix.

Ryan Murphy's A CHORUS LINE Limited Series is in the Works

In an interview with Deadline, Ryan Murphy spoke about the upcoming Netflix film adaptation of "The Prom," producing "The Boys in the Band," and his upcoming limited series based around "A Chorus Line."

Murphy said "The Prom" film came together quicker than he could have imagined.

"So, it all happened within like 2-1/2 weeks, and then we started pre-production the next week to shoot in December. I got the rights the first week in February and then we were shooting on December the 2nd I think. So, it was just one of those weird things that you can never really figure out," he said.

"We had a very long pre-production process because we had to build Broadway before, but it just felt like kismet. It just felt like a really wonderful, easy experience and the fact everyone saw it in the same way, was so enthusiastic, and everybody wanted to do it. Meryl [Streep] was the first to say yes and she always sets the tone and she said, 'you know, I just want to do something that's joyful. I'm tired of crying all the time. I want to do something that's celebratory'."

Speaking on why now was the right time for "The Prom," Murphy said, "I wanted to do a really big movie musical for everybody that's in the tradition of the big Hollywood musicals that I grew up on that I loved."

"Everything from Singin' In The Rain to Chicago to Les Mis, these big, bold Broadway musicals that you can cast really great stars in and let everybody shine and find new people and show them off to the world. When we were MAKING IT I DON'T think that we knew that the timing of it would be so great, but I think that what you're seeing in the country right now is people at least trying to all come together. Enough with the opposite rhetoric, enough with the poisonous discourse. Let's try and build an America, particularly, and a world for everyone, and that's what The Prom is about," he said.

"The Boys in the Band" served as Murphy's entry point into the world of adapting theatre for film. He said he's just gotten the rights to make his "A Chorus Line" series, which he announced in 2019.

"We're trying a different approach with that, which we're trying to do A Chorus Line as a limited series for Netflix. My favorite Broadway director of all time, producer, whatever, is Michael Bennett. So, it's going to be A Chorus Line with ALL THAT wonderful music, but also the idea of how did he make A Chorus Line?" Murphy said.

Read the full interview with Ryan Murphy here.

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