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Regional Roundup: Top 10 Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 6/17; SPRING AWAKENING in Pittsburgh, LEGALLY BLONDE in Sacramento and More!


This week, we go around our Broadway World to feature stories in Pittsburgh, Sacramento, South Africa and more. Check out our top 10 stories around our Broadway World below, which include SPRING AWAKENING in Pittsburgh, LEGALLY BLONDE at California Music Circus, and A VOICE I CANNOT SILENCE in South Africa, just to name a few.



1. Washington, DC: Editor Andrew White reviews GOING TO A PLACE WHERE YOU ALREADY ARE at Theatre Alliance. He says, "Anchoring the cast is Annie Houston as Roberta; her performance as a cancer patient making contact with the Beyond is positively radiant, and memorable. Gregory Ford offers a compelling, sympathetic performance as her husband Joe, the clinical psychologist who struggles to accept the profound change in his wife's outlook on life and death." Read more here.

2. Pittsburgh, PA: Editor Greg Kerestan reviews SPRING AWAKENING at Split Stage. He says, "The music is intensely modern, while the story and intentionally archaic, stilted dialogue is very much of the European theatre at the dawn of the twentieth century. The songs drive the show's momentum along without ever advancing the plot or commenting directly on plot of characters; rather, they are essentially a mood-creating impressionist soundtrack, a hip companion CD matched emotionally if not stylistically to a period drama." Read more here.


3. St. Louis, MO: Editor Steve Callahan reviews Opera Theatre of St. Louis's World Premiere of SHALIMAR THE CLOWN. He says, "All of the singers master this unusual and surely difficult score, but tenor Sean Panikkar stands out above them all. This is truly his show. Panikkar, who did such fine work last season as Pamino in The Magic Flute, here is even more astonishing. His pure, clear voice displays truly remarkable power. It shines like a beacon above the rest even when the entire cast are singing their hearts out. And his diction is superb." Read more here.

4. Louisville, KY: Editor Keith Waits reviews THIS IS NOT THE PLAY at The Bard's Town. He says, "Matthew McMillan finds a suitably glib, smarmy tone for his agent, and Paula O. Lockhart discovers a perfect balance in the Playwright, walking the fine line between embodying the stereotype required to fuel the racial themes, and finding that woman's own core of integrity. All of the cast display sharp timing, and not one laugh in the funny, funny script is missed." Read more here.



5. Austin, TX: Editor Lynn Beaver reviews THE WINTER'S TALE at Ramsey Park. She says, "rom the opening moments of the show, Moxley, Parker and Rigney set the tone with excellent pacing, crisp, clear dialogue and heartfelt emotion that carried through to the final scene. Every cast member was on their best game as they played multiple roles, sliding smoothly from one to another with professional ease. Standouts from a distinguished cast include Moxley, Parker and Rigney in the royal roles. They were commanding, yet intimate, giving excellent performances with perfect emotional pitch." Read more here.

6. San Antonio, TX: Editor 'Backstage Bunny' reviews CINDERELLA'S MAKEOVER at PASA. He says, "Lauren Cole, who only recently celebrated her 15th birthday, delivers a stunning performance as Cinderella. Looking a lot like a young Merle Oberon, she generated huge applause with her very first song (Cinderella's Lament, with music by Leo Delibes). Her overall performance showed vocal and acting talent beyond her years. I have no doubt that Lauren (whose mother Candace was also in the cast in various roles) is a major future star." Read more here.

West Coast

7. Sacramento, CA: Editor Harmony Wheeler reviews LEGALLY BLONDE at California Music Circus. She says, "Long before she reaches the court room, Lauren Zakrin's eyes sparkle with intelligence as Elle. Zakrin came in second on MTV's "Search for the Next Elle Woods," but her talent clearly puts her first here in Sacramento. She has a giddiness about her that never overshadows a potential for success, and she powers through Elle's very demanding ballads." Read more here.

8. Los Angeles, CA: Editor Michael L. Quintos reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID at La Mirada. He says, "A gorgeously-mesmerizing visual treat, this family-friendly La Mirada production---which also toured at other regional theaters in the US---is a lovely new heavily-reimagined hybrid of the original Disney film (which featured music by Alan Menken and lyrics by the late Howard Ashman) that we all cherish, and the 2008 Broadway adaptation (with new additional lyrics by Glenn Slater and book by Doug Wright) that had its heart in the right place." Read more here.



9. South Africa: Editor David Fick reviews A VOICE I CANNOT SILENCE at Playhouse Theatre Company. He says, "Finally making its bow in the Mother City at the Fugard Theatre, the play lives up to its reputation as a finely-crafted exploration of the inner force that drove its real-life protagonist, Alan Paton, to speak out against apartheid and write anti-apartheid literature like CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY and AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL." Read more here.

National Tour Highlight:

10. Washington, DC Editor Emma Kouguell reviews RAGTIME at he Wolf Trap Filene Center. She says, "The show's entire cast is strong in their singing and acting. Though RAGTIME is a fairly heavy show, the cast is excellent at bringing out the lighter, more comedic moments. For the primary roles, Chris Sams stars as the smooth but frequently heartbroken Coalhouse Walker Jr.. Kate Turner plays a kind but daring Mother, and Matthew Curiano is a hopeful, humorous, and charged Tateh." Read more here.

STUDENT BLOGGERS! We'd like to feature a few of our student bloggers below!

College: College student Allison Rambler discusses movie musicals and the difference between stage and screen. Read her blog here.
High School: High school student Taylor Kyes talks about the magic of Disney in her first blog. Check it out here.

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