Readers Respond to South Williamsport High School's Canceled SPAMALOT Controversy

Readers Respond to South Williamsport High School's Canceled SPAMALOT Controversy

As BroadwayWorld reported earlier this Summer, via bloggerand industry professional Howard Sherman, South Williamsport, a high school in Lycoming County, PA, had been forced to cancel their spring production of Monty Python's Spamalot due to "controversial content," which includes a homosexual marriage.

Over the weekend, the local paper, the Sun Gazette published a statement made by principal Jesse Smith. He told SG: "When we have extracurricular activities, we do not ask the students to make a choice as to what they might deem controversial material," and "I don't want kids to feel like they had to choose between performing and what they felt was controversial material. They should be able to sign up for a play and know that it's school-sponsored and they won't have to make a moral or ethical decision."

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Since then, BroadwayWorld readers have spoken up via Facebook about Smith's latest response to the situation.

Amanda Miller writes: "The sound of music isn't controversial?! Hello, Nazis and a nun marrying?!? Oh right it's a woman and a man, and Jews being slaughtered, I guess those r okay themes ( I love TSOM btw but come on!) Like one of the last lines in the play, 200 yrs from now this will still be controversial. It's 2014 grow up people!"

Keith Cambell writes: "I find it interesting.. The use of the word " families" apparently is not extended to families comprised of 2 women or 2 men and THEIR children. Personally, I find that offensive."

Garrett Engle writes: "Considering I was apart of a incredible high school production of Spamalot last is an immense shame that this school is being robbed of such an amazing and fun show by their administration. Truly sickening..."

Tori Micaletti writes: "Anyone who auditions for a show should be aware of the plot. And there is no forced auditions. Plus Spamalot is still a community event I feel... I mean it yours throughout the country and is successful, just let them perform this show!"

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