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RECAP: Schele Williams Talked About the Legal Defense Fund on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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RECAP: Schele Williams Talked About the Legal Defense Fund on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in The House continued Monday night (8pm) with Schele Williams and Robin de Jesús. This episode was in support of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Schele began, "The Legal Defence Fund is the first and foremost civil rights organization in this country...started by Thurgood Marshall. They have been fighting the good fight for so long...they're in all the right places, saying all the right things, defending people, speaking out and it is an incredible place to invest if you believe in this movement."

Schele then talked about her decision to leave acting for directing. "It has not been easy but I don't care about easy. I want to do what's right. It was very difficult to make the decision to leave a career in which I was working...but just like the moment when I said I cannot sit back and be silent and sit and watch and be mute, I feel that in me right now as I watch what's happening in the world and I see post after post after post of young people, young black actors, stage managers, writing a laundry list of the microaggressions they've experienced."

Later, Robin offered some advice. "I've gotten a lot of phone calls from friends today, people scared of saying something wrong...I empathize and I get it and there's a lot of ickiness we're feeling and rather than going to your black friends and being like 'what can I do? How can I be better?' Online there are lots of groups where white people can go in rooms of people who are very aware and very proactive in helping the black community and you can go in ask questions in a very safe space."

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Current and past episodes can be found on the website, as well as a donate button linking viewers to The Actors Fund.

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