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Stars in the House
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RECAP: Billy Porter Surprised Student Elizabeth Baxley on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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RECAP: Billy Porter Surprised Student Elizabeth Baxley on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in the House continued Monday night (8pm) with Guest Host Andréa Burns welcomes rising talent from Manhattan School Of Music, Elizabeth Baxley.

Elizabeth Baxley recently took over Andréa Burns' Instagram account as part of the "Pass the Mic" movement. Elizabeth and Andréa talked about that experience.

Elizabeth Baxley talked about why she posted "Black women can" while taking over Andréa's account. "I often feel like we as black women are put in a certain box, we're seen a certain way, whether that's in daily life, the audition room, any sort of thing in live. I just wanted to say something that would make people see that Black women can in fact do anything and we're capable of doing so much."

Elizabeth talked about The Next Generation Project "It's A project to support black and brown trans lives...You can follow the page on Instagram. A way that you can support is by buying one of the shirts that says Black Lives Matter and it has the Trans pride colors on it."

Billy Porter made a surprise guest appearance and shared his thoughts. "It's so wonderful to be in the position where Andréa and I both can see you, the younger generation come up and how you know the magic of theatre, the magic of the arts, still matters and still transforms children's and people's lives all people every single day. Even when Broadway's closed...the way that we connect through our art is what heals us. You are very healing for me today."

Elizabeth sang "I Remember"

Click HERE to watch the full episode.

Current and past episodes can be found on the website, as well as a donate button linking viewers to The Actors Fund.

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