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Stars in the House
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RECAP: Alton Fitzgerald White and Donna Marie Asbury Sang on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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RECAP: Alton Fitzgerald White and Donna Marie Asbury Sang on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in the House continued Tuesday night (8pm) with Broadway Record Breakers with Marlene Danielle, Alton Fitzgerald White and Donna Marie Asbury.

Donna Marie Asbury talked about applying for the Guinness Book of World Records. When I said I was leaving CHICAGO everyone was like 'you gotta apply...' Cause I had know that George Lee Andrews I think got the title for most Broadway performances for PHANTOM but also he was an actor, he wasn't a dancer. What I had originally applied for was longest dancer in a Broadway show...I thought I got a shot, I've done 20 [years]...I literally applied July 2019 and didn't find out that I had gotten the record until a year after I had left CHICAGO to the day, June 3rd."

Alton Fitzgerald White talked about his Miss Saigon audition. "I took the last little money I had and bought the double CD and the sheet music and the song Bui Doi really connected with me. I thought it fit my voice, I thought I really had the range for it and I'd heard from some other friends...that they don't like you to sing from the show. I thought 'oh man if I could sing this song I think I could really at least get in the ensemble...' I sang that morning and they asked me to come to the dance call and I danced that night...About a day later I get a phone call at 1 in the morning from Vinny Liff going 'Alton? Are you ready to move to New York?'"

Marlene Danielle talked about how she booked CATS. "My sister was living in London at the time and she notified me 'this is something you have to check out. This is something you'd definitely be good at doing...' Everyone was getting the calls and I didn't. I guess I was a little hopeful but it wasn't meant for me. And then I got a call after about three weeks and they asked if I would join the company as an understudy...'I don't know if I can do that...let me think about this." I gave it a thought when I was on the phone with him and said 'alright, I'll do it.' I hung up the phone and hit the ceiling screamed and went crazy realizing I'm gonna be a part of this and it's gonna work out and within a few months after we opened they asked me to take over the roll of Demeter and I was on ever since those 18 years."

Alton Fitzgerald White sang "A While New World" and Donna Marie Asbury sang a parody of "All That Jazz"

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