Photo Coverage: Donna McKechnie's TIME STEPS Released

Thursday night was a veritable WHO's WHO of theatre history as Donna McKechnie and her publishers hosted a book party at the National Arts Club, celebrating the release of TIME STEPS - My Musical Comedy Life (co-written with Greg Lawrence). We headed to Gramercy Park South, which is almost a world unto itself (and which admittedly we had never been to) and walked into this amazing building and architectural piece of history.  Among the adoring crowd were Meredith Vieira, Tony Roberts, Jane Krakowski, Patricia Birch, John Breglio, Michael Musto, Kelly Bishop, David Lewis, Bebe Neuwirth, Richard Jay-Alexander, Mark Sendroff, Harvey Evans, Kurt Peterson, Pamela Myers, Priscilla Lopez, Thommie Walsh, Baayork Lee, Cady Huffman, Craig Rubano, Don Smith, Paige Davis, Teri Ralston, fellow media members and many others. Eugene Gwozdz was on piano.

The event was very well organized and included McKechnie reading passages from her book and surprise musical performances that magically seemed to come out of nowhere from COMPANY, FOLLIES and A CHORUS LINE. The evening kicked off when Thommie Walsh, whose book ON THE LINE (written with Robert Viagas and Baayork Lee) is being reissued, gave an emotional and heartfelt introduction to his longtime friend and A CHORUS LINE co-star. It was very emotional and as cliched as it may sound, there was love everywhere - all of it pointed in McKechnie's direction. You can read's "Book Report" of TIME STEPS by clicking here

Report by Robert Diamond

Ian Herman and Pamela Shaw

Kurt Peterson, Teri Ralston, Harvey Evans, and Julie Peterson

Richard Jay-Alexander and Bebe Neuwirth

David Nolan, Meredith Vieira, and Aldon James (President, National Arts Club)

Teri Ralston, David Brind, Cady Huffman, and Tony Roberts

Richard Cohen and Meredith Vieira

Baayork Lee, Stanley Hura, and Teri Ralston

Linda and Robert R. Blume

Mary Sue Finnerty, Susan Danielle, and Kelly Bishop

Jane Krakowski and Mark Sendroff

Paige Davis

Kurt Peterson, Priscilla Lopez, Donna McKechnie, Pamela Myers, and Harvey Evans

Joel Vig, Donna McKechnie, and Aldon James

Harvey Evans and Priscilla Lopez

Donna McKechnie

Donna McKechnie and Thommie Walsh

Donna McKechnie

Pamela Myers singing "Another Hundred People"

Pamela Myers and Donna McKechnie

Pamela Myers

Donna McKechnie

Harvey Evans, Donna McKechnie and Kurt Peterson

Harvey Evans and Kurt Peterson singing "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs"

Harvey Evans and Kurt Peterson

Harvey Evans and Donna McKechnie

Donna McKechnie and Kurt Peterson

Donna McKechnie

Donna McKechnie

Priscilla Lopez singing "What I Did For Love"

Harvey Evans, Pamela Myers, Donna McKechnie, and Kurt Peterson joining Priscilla Lopez on "What I Did For Love"

Priscilla Lopez, Donna McKechnie and Kurt Peterson

Harvey Evans, Pamela Myers, Priscilla Lopez, Donna McKechnie, and Kurt Peterson

Donna McKechnie and Ian Herman

Micky Boardman and Michael Musto

Richard Jay-Alexander and Donna McKechnie

Donna McKechnie autographs her book Time Steps

Meredith Vieira, Donna McKechnie and Richard Cohen

Thommie Walsh and Donna McKechnie

Kurt Peterson with a few Fosse dancers:
Susan Danielle, Julie Peterson, Stephanie Eley, Mary Sue Finnerty, and Mimi Quillin

Thommie Walsh and Bebe Neuwirth

David Brind, Cady Huffman, Thommie Walsh and Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth and Harvey Evans

Bebe Neuwirth and Donna McKechnie

A CHORUS LINE reunion: Bebe Neuwirth, Susan Danielle,
Denise Boockvor, Kelly Bishop, Donna McKechnie, Priscilla Lopez,
Baayork Lee, and Thommie Walsh

Susan Danielle, Bebe Neuwirth, Denise Boockvor,
Kelly Bishop, Donna McKechnie, Thommie Walsh, Priscilla Lopez, and Baayork Lee

A CHORUS LINE original cast reunion: Kelly Bishop, Donna McKechnie,
Thommie Walsh, Priscilla Lopez and Baayork Lee

Eugene Gwozdz and Donna McKechnie

Donna McKechnie, Chelsea Beres, and Stanley Hura

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