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#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, we're featuring high school and college students that are giving back to their communities through the arts as part of #MeaningfulMonday!

Meet 17 year-old Abby Heltzer, a New Jersey high school student helping out an organization called Kostumes for Kids.

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What does Kostumes for Kids do?

Kostumes for Kids is an organization dedicated to giving back to the dance community, and helping dancers feel more confident on stage while also relieving some of the financial pressures that come with performing arts.

How did you get involved?

I began the organization with two close friends, Dani Pritikin and Allie Benjamin in 2019.

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!What inspired you to start this opportunity?

Dani, Allie, and I have been dancing for a combined 29 years. Being dancers ourselves, we are well conditioned to performing and therefore know just how much of an impact a great costume or additional dance class can make. In this spirit, Kostumes for Kids was founded to help gift others the magic of dance and improve their spirit, skill, and performance.

Share a fond memory from working with Kostumes for Kids!#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!

In our inaugural 2019 season, Kostumes for Kids held a costume drive where we donated over 200 costumes, shoes, and accessories to the performers at the Newark School of the Arts. Furthermore, in 2020 due to COVID-19's restrictions on social gatherings which prevented another costume drive from taking place, Kostumes for Kids held a sale of Mother's Day flowers to be able to continue to support the dancers in our community. From this sale, Kostumes for Kids was able to donate over $600 to the Student Scholarship Fund at the Newark School of the Arts and help fund two scholarships to benefit talented dance students.

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!What does giving back mean to you?

Giving back is important to me because it allows me to help others and share with them some of the blessings I have been given. I know I have been very lucky in my life and I want to do my best to ensure that the people around me are able to enjoy the same qualities of life and benefits that I have been. I know a lot of where we grow up and who we are is out of our control, however I believe that everybody deserves the same shot in life and I want to do my best to make that possible.

What does performing arts mean to you?

To me, the performing arts are a way to have fun, be creative, and challenge myself. As a dancer for 11 years, I am constantly in the studio working on choreography, competing, and assistant teaching other young dancers. Within the performing arts I have found an accepting and loving community in which I can be myself and truly enjoy and perfect a craft that I love.

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Abby with Kostumes for Kids!Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kostumes for Kids is always looking for new and creative ideas to help benefit the Newark School of the Arts, any and all ideas are appreciated!

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