Lang Lang International Music Foundation and Big Ear Games Provides Hi Tech Music Education to America's Under Funded Schools

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Lang Lang International Music Foundation and Big Ear Games Provides Hi Tech Music Education to America's Under Funded Schools

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation® (LLIMF) has partnered with Big Ear Games to bring their engaging music education app to over 24,000 elementary school students across the US. All students enrolled in LLIMF's Keys of Inspiration® (KOI) grant program will receive this exciting tech update to further enhance their music learning experience.

Keys of Inspiration® is an innovative program that encourages piano performance at all levels as a means of social development for youth by providing students with a safe creative outlet in school. The Foundation partners with school districts across the country to implement the program in Title 1 elementary schools. Designed to redefine what music education looks like in American public schools and inspire change from within, KOI weaves rigorous, keyboard-centric, musical instruction into selected Title 1 public schools' mandatory curriculum--integrating group piano classes for grades 2-5, twice a week.

In the KOI Piano Lab, students build self-confidence, develop a drive for excellence, and cultivate a sense of group and individual achievement. The Keys of Inspiration® curriculum is designed to integrate piano into a school's existing general music curriculum, enhancing their music program and providing students with a more hands-on music education. The Foundation is

dedicated to cultivating a national musical network, spanning school systems and connecting district leaders, administrators, teachers, and students.

Selected schools receive the following:

a-? Classroom set (20-30) new, state of the art Roland digital pianos and benches shipped directly to your school

a-? Resources and support guides for setting up your group piano classroom

a-? Yearly maintenance and budget guides to help plan for long-term success

a-? Music curriculum developed in collaboration with The Royal Conservatory of Music

a-? Supplemental training and ongoing support/professional development for your music teacher

And now, all Sixty school partners will also receive free and unlimited access to Big Ear Games Music Fun Learning app!

The Grammy-nominated, internationally-renowned pianist Lang Lang, has been supporting children through music for over a decade. Heralded by the New York Times as "the hottest artist on the classical music planet", Lang Lang plays sold-out concerts covering all continents of the globe. He was designated a United Nations Messenger of Peace with a special focus on global education, and worked as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). He hails from humble beginnings and is committed to creating and participating in charitable activities focused on children through the strategic work done at his foundation. "When you give a child the gift of music, you give a child the world," said Lang Lang.

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation® believes that all children should have access to a music education, regardless of their background. LLIMF's unique programs encourage music performance at all levels as a means of social and emotional development for today's youth. By igniting a child's passion for music, LLIMF helps children worldwide aim for a better future.

Big Ear Games' mission is to engage music lovers with fun learning by encouraging them to create and socialize through music. The app, Big Ear, is about discovering inspiration from popular tunes to explore how music works and encourage users to make music.

So many of us love music, but not as many are actually engaged with music creativity. When people do explore musical creativity, the high rate of drop-outs show that something is missing. This is true both for traditional instruments and computer music.

Big Ear Games believes that "Anyone can make music, anytime and anywhere, and at any level." Hence, they aim to lower the threshold of engaging with music in a fun and creative way.

Within the app, the challenge of learning to play an instrument is taken out of the equation and the focus is on the musical sounds and the construction of tunes. A mobile device is perfect for

this purpose, with high quality audio, stunning graphics for the illustration of concepts, and of course, interactive touch screen.

The love of music knows no boundaries. It adds meaning, both emotionally and socially, to our lives. Even simple tunes can be effective and evoke meaning, so users are encouraged to create and share their music from day one.

Focusing on the ear and the logic of music has great benefits. It can help inform someone as they choose an instrument, or complement their learning as they play one they've already selected. It can encourage digital music making, or simply develop and deepen one's music appreciation skills. The app also develops computational thinking, which is vital in our modern society.

With over 10,000 installs, even before launch, the game is generating excitement among educators, students, and music lovers across the world. From Finland, home of fantastic education and where the company is based, the app has reached Europe, China and now, the USA.

Aviv Ben-Yehuda, founder and CEO, was educated as a Medical Doctor, heard the call of music and became a music teacher. After 20 years of teaching, he discovered that the Big Ear challenge awaited him. He decided to use his knowledge, skills, and passion to create something that would bring fun music education all over the world.


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