IDOL WATCH: Oklahoma City Auditions

Auditions continued tonight when the judges rolled into Oklahoma City. The city started off on a "good note" with its first contestant.

Twenty-six year old was Karl skinner who the audition room with his guitar but he decided to sing Rick James without it. He frightened the judges with his high tone and dance moves. He then moved onto singing with his guitar. Unfortunately it wasn't much better but the judges saw something in him that they have yet to see. We will be seeing Karl in Hollywood.

It quickly turned sour with a long streak of duds that left the judges wondering if they would be able to call Oklahoma City a success. Then came Nate Tao

His parents had their doubts about his choice to be a singer, but neither of them has ever heard his sing before because they are both deaf. He sang Stevie Wonder and did so with grace and charisma. Nate's parents will be proud that he got his ticket to Hollywood.

The next contestant was ventriliquist Halie Hilburn from Texas. She even brought her puppet Oscar into the audition where they did a duet. The judges wanted to see more, but without the puppet. Halie had a soft country voice that got her a trip to Hollywood. Oscar will be staying home in Texas.

Zoanette Johnson,19 entered the room with the one wish that President Obama was watching her audition and that she would be invited to theWhite House. She came out of the gates singing The National Anthem. He voice was all over the place from high to low, but her bubbly personality and attitude prevailed and she recieved four yes's.

Twenty-five year old Anastasia Freeman was very emotional before she even entered the audition room. Singing Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton, Anastasia seemed more fit for the stage with her dramatic facial expressions and weak voice.

The last contestant of the night was sixteen year old Kayden Stephenson. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was just 18 months. Singing I Wish by Stevie Wondering. His unbroken voice was so soft and angelic that Nicki compared his voice to a young Michael Jackson. All four judges gave him the big yes in unison.

Just when we thought that was the last audition, last Year's judge Steven Tyler made an appearence dressed as a woman. He did not make it to Hollywood

That's a wrap for Oklahoma City. Tune in next week when the Hollywood rounds begin. Go to for videos and chat with other American Idol fans.

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