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How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party!

Fire up the ghost light and get some inspiration for a singularly sensational Halloween happening!

"Madness takes its toll." Truer words were never sung when it comes to the events of 2020. Which is why it's all the more important that we make the most of occasions to celebrate.

This year has taken a particular toll on the theatre community. With the world suffering from a serious lack of live entertainment, theatre nerds across the globe have spent the better part of 2020 in search of innovative ways to keep the spirt of Broadway alive while theaters are dark. So this year, use our tips for a bone-chilling Broadway Halloween party to resurrect the spirit of the stage at home!

While it is true that the many of our favorite Halloween traditions will suffer at the hands of Miss Rona this year (and on a Saturday, no less) that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the day in any way we can - or at the very least, dream of a world in which voluminous celebrations are possible once more.

So, fire up the ghost light and get some inspiration for a singularly sensational Halloween happening that is sure to dazzle your quarantine pod, Zoom crew, or simply brighten up a solo celebration!

(If you are considering a gathering of any sort, stay safe with the official CDC guidelines for holiday celebrations.)


Mrs. Lovett's 'A Little Priest' Hand Pies

Give your Halloween some Fleet Street flair with individually-sized pies reminiscent of those served in Stephen Sondheim's murderous musical, Sweeney Todd. Check out these recipes for an assortment of sweet and savory hand pies and empanadas that will leave your guests declaring, "God, that's good!".

PSA: BroadwayWorld does not How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party! condone the consumption of cats, Beedles, blackmailing con men disguised as rival barbers, corrupt judges, or any manner of human life in the enjoyment of these delicacies - no matter how much they might deserve it.

Little Shop of Horrors 'Feed Me' Finger Foods

Journey to Skid Row for some treats in tribute to Broadway's favorite (and only) maniacal alien plant, Audrey II! In lieu of any actual plant-icides, sub in some of these great gross out recipes resembling human body parts! For some extra flair, add labels to each piece with the names of Audrey II's victims. We hardly knew ye.

You can also check out these great vegan treats including mushroom eyeballs or Halloween apple bites that resemble the ravenous maw of the Mean Green Motha from Outer Space. Feed your guests, but for goodness sake - don't feed the plants!

Heathers 'Candy Store' Goodie Bags

Halloween is nothing without candy, so honey, whatcha waiting for? Have your guests and/or trick or treaters step into your very own candy store (and cut down on cross contamination) with individual goodie bags inspired by the homicidal high school in Heathers the Musical! Fill each bag with your favorite treats, some real retro 80s candy, hair scrunchies, or Heather Chandler's snack of choice, Corn Nuts!

Beetlejuice 'Being Dead' Baked GoodsHow To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party!

What better night than Halloween to confront the whole "being dead" thing, amiright? Give your gathering a Beetlejuice boost with these desserts featuring the show's iconic black and white color scheme! There is never a bad excuse to unleash the power of the Oreo and you can add some extra undead touches by garnishing each treat with gummy worms, snakes, or milk chocolate tombstones.


How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party! Chicago Murderous Mimosas

Since this Halloween falls on a Saturday what better year to experiment with a spooky boozy brunch? Give your guests the old razzle dazzle and serve up some Chicago-inspired mimosas, a cocktail popularized in the jazz age! Top each drink with some grenadine for a bloody twist and sip while regaling your cell block sisters with the story of how you finally snapped.

Disney Villain Malicious Mocktails & Cocktails

Musical theatre fans around the world would agree that Disney's stable of iconic villains gave us our first taste of terror. To tribute this bevy of baddies, check out this great selection of brews paying tribute to Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, Jafar and all your favorite Disney bad guys that should satisfy evildoers of all ages.

Wicked Green Elixir

Have a little drink of green elixir and have yourself a little mixer with these wickedly green cocktails paying tribute to everyone's favorite misunderstood mistress of magic, the Wicked Witch of the West, or Elphaba as she's known around these parts. Go the extra mile and garnish your drinks with some homemade witch hat cocktail stirrers! It's really, uh, sharp! Dontcha think?

Carrie Bloody Prom Night PunchHow To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party!

Re-live the prom night from hell with some Carrie the Musical-inspired blood red punch. Give it an extra authentic twist and serve it in a plastic lined silver utility bucket straight off the pig farm. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT dump the punch over your weird friend. Not only is it a waste of perfectly good punch, buuut it really didn't end well last time.


A Petrifying Play Reading

Whether your celebration is in-person or over Zoom, incorporate the theatre into your holiday with an intimate reading of a classic horror play. The horror genre first made its bones on the stage, so there are quite a few centuries of titles to How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party! choose from. Check out our list of some of the best stage scares for inspiration!

DIY Rocky Horror Interactive Screening

Spend your Halloween over at the Frankenstein place with an all-out recreation of the famous interactive screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Gather your props, learn your prompts, get your cosplay on, practice your Time Warp moves, and treat your quarantine clique to an evening of audience participation at home, or weather permitting, under the stars!

Into the Woods Scavenger Hunt

The cow as white as milk; the cape as red as blood; the hair as yellow as corn; the slipper as pure as gold...Head Into the Woods for some Halloween fun and send your guests on a Sondheim-scavenger hunt! Hide the iconic items from the musical or any other fun spooky props you can think of, distribute the list among contestants, and send them on their way. Just avoid in-fighting and look out for big, tall terrible giants How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party! in the sky!

Mean Girls 'Sexy' Costume Contest

Hi. Since Karen's dreams of chronic Halloween and world peace seem a ways off, make the most of the day with a Mean Girls-inspired costume contest! Disguise yourselves as someone who is not you but is still hot by raiding your closets, attics, and costume collections to build the most absurd 'sexy' costumes you can dream up. Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt and Sexy Rosa Parks will be hard to top (Sexy Corn is a close third) so use your creativity and be who you want to be...and sexy!

Last-Minute Lewks

Orpheus - Hadestown

Walk the road to hell this Halloween dressed as the (almost) hero of Hadestown! Gear up with a lightweight henley, grey pleated slacks, brown suspenders, and O's signature bandana neckerchief. Head to the craft store to pick up an artificial red carnation and get to work on that song. Climate change waits for no man.How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party!

Evan Hansen - Dear Evan Hansen

Since 2020 has us all waving through a window, there is no better time to tap into your inner Evan. The look is simple: a blue, striped polo shirt, some khakis, and New Balance cross trainers. Top it off with a homemade cast of bandage wrap and don't forget the CONNOR.

A Mormon - The Book of Mormon

Spread the gospel this Halloween as one of Broadway's Mormon missionaries. A crisp white short sleeved button down shirt, some plain black slacks, a skinny black necktie, black dress shoes, and a DIY 'Elder' nametag is all it takes. Accessorize with your own official copy of Joseph Smith's most amazing book and work on your door-to-door pitch.

Captain Beverly Bass - Come From Away

Earn your wings this year and dress up as groundbreaking aviation icon, Captain Beverly Bass. Pick up a pilot costume or just a Navy blue blazer (DIY her pilot stripe sleeves with some craft tape), add a plain white tee, and of course, an official-looking wing pin and nothing will stand between you and the sky this Halloween.How To Throw A Bone-Chilling Broadway Halloween Party!

The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera

We would be remiss if we left out Broadway's longest-running ghoul. Gather some tuxedo gear, a black cape (bonus points for sequins), a black fedora, and of course, the iconic mask. For a more economical approach try this official Phantom costume. Just don't go dropping any chandeliers on unsuspecting victims. That's all we ask of you.

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