Hope Goldman & Jordan Macintosh-Hougham Present GLITCH

Combining dance performance with technology, this split bill will premier new dance works by Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, as well as, Hope Goldman in collaboration with Andrew Moffat. Together, they offer audiences a vision of a world in which technology doesn't hamper our imaginations, but excites them into new discoveries.

As technology advances, the line between the real and the virtual continues to blur. This split bill brings to one stage MacIntosh-Hougham's queer exploration of hyper-performativity in the digital age with Goldman and Moffat's investigation of the possibilities and promises of virtual spaces, and how they can be intertwined seamlessly in performance.

Bad! Bad! Bad! by Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham is a candy-coated exploration of hyper-performativity and imposter syndrome. A menagerie of characters in pastel wigs serve as dancers and camera crew simultaneously. Deeply relatable and even laugh-out-loud funny, we are left questioning if failure really is as bad as we think.

This is Hope Goldman and Andrew Moffat's third and largest collaboration to date. Their previous work has been seen in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, IL, as well as at Washington & Lee University. Additionally, you may seen their work talked about on the web at boingboing.net or Graphics Processing Unit design company, Nvidia.

Goldman and Moffat's newest collaboration is an exciting blend of both dance performance and mind-bending technologies. Interrupting the idea of what traditional concert dance can be, this work uses experimental dance movement technology that can join live performances happening in different physical and digital spaces into the same space. Audiences will witness live dancers interacting with virtual environments and performers in remote locations. These projected visuals blend seamlessly and interactively creating a new model where the performance space is no longer confined to the physicality of the theater.

For more information visit: http://glitchdance.com/

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