Glee-Cap: Dynamic Duets.

Glee-Cap: Dynamic Duets.

What’s that? Is it a bird? No, it’s not Thanksgiving Turkey taken flight! Is it a plane?! No, it’s SUPERGLEE! Able to leap high notes and iTunes charts in a single bound, faster than a locomotive, and full of harmony power! Rise up, Glee Super Friends! It’s a call to battle, SuperGleeks! Up, up, and a-Glee-way!

Blaine leads a meeting of the Superhero Club, only to have the meeting throttled by crisis in Gleeville! Shock, wham, kaboom! Seems the New Directions Nationals trophy has been stolen! What fiend would do such a thing?! The voice of a shadow faced blazer wearing villain taunts and Night Bird (also known as Blaine) goes to Dalton to get the the trophy back from the clutches of the dastardly dapper boys known as the Warblers. However, the villain is not the former foe, Sebastian (Grant Gustin), but a new villain - the not even bi-curious new captain, Hunter Carrington (Nolan Gerard Funk) who taunts Blaine with a return to the Warblers, leading Blaine to perform "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson, which could spell doom for our mighty hero! Nothing more tragic than a superhero turned super villain! In the midst of all the superhero shenanigans, Finn is struggling in his new role as glee club advisor, and decides to take a page from the current obsession with superheroes and use it in glee club - this week's theme: Dynamic Duets! Kitty takes it upon herself to pick a song for herself and Marley, but Marley isn't so sure working with her arch nemesis is such a good idea. Two bitter foes, Ryder and Jake, locked in battle over the lovely Marley's affections take to the glee club floor with "I Am Superman" and ends up being anything but super the heroes turn foes and down and break out in a fight. Wham! Thus, the mighty Treble Clef (Finn) takes the wannabe heroes and forces them to get some kryptonite on each other to get to know each other better and turn from friend to foe.  

Blaine struggles after his visit to Dalton and confronts Finn by telling him that too much of the memories made in New Directions and in the choir room remind him of the other half of his dynamic duet, Kurt. Thus, it's looking like Night Bird is about to fly the coop! 

Jake goes to Ryder with some kryptonite - his insecurity over his multiracial past, but Ryder drops a supernova - he has trouble with reading due to a learning disability. The sleek and villainess Kitty takes Marley under her wing and turns Wallflower into Woman Fierce and takes to the glee club with "Hold Out On A Hero" which is fierce and sexy. The glee club is shocked to hear that Blaine has decided to leave McKinley and return to the dark side - er - Dalton.  Night Bird, where have you gone? 

Jake tells Finn about Ryder's confession and Finn brings in a special education specialist to check out Ryder and figure out what is keeping him from reaching his super potential. After the testing is complete, Ryder finds out he is dyslexic and struggles to come to terms with a secret identity he never chose, and Finn is there to help his super student with his struggle of epic proportions. Ryder is grateful for what Finn has done for him, but Finn isn't a selfish superhero, he gives props to the real hero - his sidekick in this mission, Jake. 

Jake stands up for Ms. Rose, but when a gaggle of goons step up, the Glee Super Friends stand up for one of their own led by Ryder. Jake reaches out to Puck, who is making money as Puckerman on Hollywood Blvd, about the whole Marley-Ryder scenario that's going down. With his usual Puckerman powers, Puck pumps up Jake with Puckerman advice and gives Jake the power of confidence. 

Sam confronts Blaine about his choice to go back to Dalton which causes Blaine to face his cheating head on, but Sam convinces Blaine to give it a chance and decide after one day.  In dynamic duo fashion, Blaine and Sam duet on "Heroes" by David Bowie as the glee club goes out to be real heroes in their community. After realizing he's making a mistake, Blaine brings his new sidekick, Sam, on one final mission- taking the trophy back and leaving those warbling villains a little message - no thanks. Sebastian and Hunter watch as the dynamic duo of Blam make a run for it with the trophy. Wham, bam, Blam! 

Ryder reschedules his plans with Marley, which leaves Marley disappointed and gives Kitty more ammo toward her villainess ways, but Woman Fierce claims herself a new super stud, Jake. Blaine apologizes to the glee club for doubting his place and puts the best foot forward toward getting to Sectionals success. Finn, with a little super fanny power, finds his inner superhero and rallies the super troops as a team. 

The Super Glee Friends put their super powers together and harmonize on Fun's "Some Nights". 

And once again, the day is saved - thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. ..I mean, the Glee Super Friends. Are you up, up, and a-read-way for the next chapter in this saga of super proportions? It's Sectionals! The old gang is coming home for a visit as the New Directions head to Sectionals to compete against their Warbler foes. 

Be super and I'll see you here next week, SuperGleeks! Also, a super wish of Happy Thanksgiving to you and your super friends and family!

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