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Film Society of Lincoln Center Announces 2nd Presentation of THE LOST CHILDREN Tonight

The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced the addition of a second presentation of THE LOST CHILDREN today, January 28 in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center's Amphitheater, following the sold out first show of the live immersive media event on Tuesday, January 22.

Created by Story Architect and Director, Mark Harris, THE LOST CHILDREN is a story world media event built around a secretive Lost Children cult who believe they are aliens from another world and that their mothership is approaching Earth, hidden within the Tioga Comet. In this live immersive event, audience members will move between a cult recruitment session where they may be targeted for advanced psychic testing, and an interactive science lecture regarding the nature of comets, as well as the real possibilities for alien life in the universe. Finally, they will be invited to take part in an interactive screening of THE LOST CHILDREN feature film. Following the screening, the creators of the event will participate in a Q&A discussing the development and production of the media event.

Directed by Harris, THE LOST CHILDREN film tells the story of Evelyn Hamilton, party girl turned would-be messiah, and ultimately reveals the darkest, most hidden secrets of the cult. The film uses found footage and documentary techniques to follow Evelyn's journey from The Lost Children, to the hands of obsessed cult deprogrammer Jared Allen Tyler, and on to her final destiny to face the mysterious Shadowmen and their dark Gods, The Almighty K'Taan.

Taking advantage of the unique properties of the Eleanor Bunin Munroe FIlm Center, the film itself will be subject to a Faith vs. Reason debate. The film itself will respond to audience reaction in real time, revealing or withholding elements based on the audience's belief or skepticism. This will be a unique collaboration between filmmaker and crowd.

Harris says, "I'm very excited to be able to offer a second presentation of THE LOST CHILDREN. The Film Society of Lincoln Center has provided a great home for the transmedia community and this is the latest evidence that their audience has supported that effort enthusiastically. The subject of cults has frequently been addressed in films and television, but THE LOST CHILDREN will provide a visceral and emotional aspect to the storytelling by subjecting audience members to recruitment techniques first hand. Additionally, as a life-long lover of science, I'm proud to use elements of the Story World as a jumping off point for education around real astronomy. Finally, the interactive screening is a chance to experiment with film as live performance, so that each audience comes away with a unique experience."

Headed by Director of Digital Strategy Eugene Hernandez and Co-Creator, Matt Bolish, Convergence seeks to create a forum for immersive storytellers and their audiences at Lincoln Center. Through panel programs, exhibitions, intensive workshops, and critical partnerships with creators, the aim is to further the dialogue about this form that is all forms and to treat transmedia as what it really is: an emerging form of art.

Tickets are $25.00 and are on sale now. Visit for additional information and to purchase tickets.

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