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Eric Walton Gets COMPLETELY MENTAL With Hidden Cabaret

Eric Walton Gets COMPLETELY MENTAL With Hidden Cabaret

On Monday February 24th, celebrated Manhattan mind-reader Eric Walton invites you to experience complete awe at COMPLETELY MENTAL.

Produced in coordination with Dean Roth and Craig Horsley of Hidden Cabaret, COMPLETELY MENTAL is a first-of-its-kind variety show that features world-class mind-readers performing incredible feats of mental dexterity in which thoughts are divined, futures are predicted, and gobs are utterly smacked.

Hosted by Walton, whom Gothamist describes as "The sharpest knife in the drawer," the February 24th event will also include masterful contortionist ELLIE STEINGRAEBER plus a headlining performance from America's Master Mentalist, JON STETSON.

As a third generation mind-reader, Mr. Stetson is highly regarded as one of the most impressive and knowledgeable performers working today. By deftly combining the art of mystery, the study of psychology, and the power of intuition, he creates a potent blend of sophisticated fun and the result is pure slack jawed amazement.
Don't miss your chance to experience all of this mind-blowing entertainment LIVE at The Secret Room, an off-broadway speakeasy supper club, located in the heart of the theatre district.

For reservations to COMPLETLEY MENTAL, please visit Hidden Cabaret's website and browse their specially selected menu as well as a list of future events. The Secret Room is located at 707 8th Avenue just below the Iron Bar on 45th street. Doors open at 6pm for dinner and drinks with the show starting at 7pm.

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