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#BWWPrompts: What Is Your Favorite Sondheim Moment?

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#BWWPrompts: What Is Your Favorite Sondheim Moment?

We want to hear from you! We're starting #BwayWorldPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read your responses to today's prompt! What is your favorite Sondheim moment?

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"Seeing anyone successfully perform "I'm (Not) Getting Married Today" from Company at full speed. Anyone who can should always list it as a special skill."

"My favorite Sondheim Moment is anytime I hear "America" from West Side Story. That song always helps me channel my Hispanic roots and never fails to get me moving in my seat!" @colin_mash_18

"I got to stand in the same room as Mr. Sondheim on the actual day of his 80th and sing happy birthday to him. It was amazing how much it clearly meant to all of us at that event to be able to do that for him in person." @nicolebourneasney

"Sunday in the Park is such a transcendent show and I love getting lost in the story " @whitneyribick

"The first time I ever watched the pro-shot of the obc of into the woods. I have never been so impressed with a cast and story before. I was struck by how connected I felt with the score and the characters. I would watch it all the time just to cheer me up. It also started my unhealthy obsession with queen bernadette!! My high school was actually putting it on this spring and we unfortunately had to cancel. Somehow the show means that much more to me now. I just adore it." @eva.stclair


    "Sweeney Todd, which I was too young to understand I think. Then Into the Woods when I was 11.. the whole thing was mind blowing! From characters, to storyline intertwine; a great musical indeed." @ewillysworld

    "My son played Jack in a local children's theater production of 'Into The Woods' a little over a year ago. To this day I can't listen to 'No one is alone' without bawling." @sorelbug

    "My sister wrote Sondheim a fan letter because she loved his work so much, and he responded with a charming reply. A couple of years after that, dying of cancer, she kept saying that "This is exactly like "Into The Woods to meet the giant!" Sondheim's music made her laugh!" @mellobeep

    "Sutton Foster's hype toddler! The performances were so good, and her happy birthday was sweet!" @jkwinkiface

    "went backstage for Elaine Stritch" @dirofcomp


    "Chip Zien's performance moved me to tears ? Bernadette Peters gave me ALL the feels. There were so many beautiful performances I can't even process it all!" Persephone Marien

    "In Sweeney Todd, the dichotomy of Sweeney's sweet sung lines paired with his vicious actions of murdering people during The Joanna Quartet. Gives us happy chills!" Buried Broadway

    "I grew up watching Into The Woods, and that show introduced me to Sondheim's style and brilliance. But the first time I fully watched Company, I cried so hard. I had never had a musical affect me like that. The buildup of the story leading to the climax of Being Alive just struck a chord with me, and it's one of my most cherished moments of watching a show." Keaton Delmar Johns

    "Watching Bernadette Peters Losing my Mind when I saw Follies at the Kennedy Center. I had front row aisle seats..I cried because it was so heartbreakingly beautiful." Shannon Magouirk Fischer

    "The very first Broadway musical I saw was the PBS broadcast of Into the Woods. I remember accidentally finding it and being just transfixed. I didn't know this art form existed on this level. The only musicals I had seen were Christian musicals for teenagers, so seeing Into the Woods was like a breath of fresh air. I can trace so much of my life back to that one moment. It really changed my life." Jason S Wrench

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