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#BWWPrompts: What Is Your Favorite Obscure Play and Why?

#BWWPrompts: What Is Your Favorite Obscure Play and Why?

We want to hear from you! We're starting #BwayWorldPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read your responses to today's prompt!

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"she kills monsters hands down, it's one of the best plays i've seen. it's both funny and heartwarming. the storyline is really great" @sammiberniger

"Jon Cariani has a beautiful tragicomedy called Love/Sick that examines 9 different couples as their relationships are on the verge of falling apart. I was in a black box production of it in high school, and it's one of my favorite plays to this day. It's so sincere and intimate, even though most of the situations seem absurd in our reality - but knowing that they're just a step away from truth makes it all the more personally impactful." @oliver.schilling00

"The Children's Hour - It's a great play about how gossip and rumors combined with prejudice and homophobia can completely destroy a reputation, even when perpetrated by a kid"

"Eleemosynary!! A one act with three strong women from three different generations! The exploration of mother/daughter relationships and the strength of young women is so beautiful!" @mcconley

"Idk how obscure it is, but Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph for sure. It's an unconventional love story with a unique approach to the way it's told. It's raw, emotional, and yet also darkly hilarious, and because of the way it's written, the play really allows directors to flex their creative muscles when approaching the content. I love it so much" @lucas.vs.theinternet


    "Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia". I love the dual, narratives, and the combination of mathematics and language." @MrsFitzEnglish

    "Inheritance Play deserved far more than it got. It was remarkable and a show everyone should've seen. It closed too soon." @calebosophy

    "'The Good Doctor' It's just so funny, and it was a blast to be a part of!" @ourageouscolin

    "'Summit Conference' by the late Scotsman Robert David Macdonald. Concerns the fictitious meeting of Eva Braun and Clara Petacci, mistresses of Hitler and Mussolini respectively. Don't think this made it to Broadway but fascinating theatre. Perhaps appropriate now." @ProgressiveinMA

    "Does The Baltimore Waltz count as obscure? Or The Hot L Baltimore? (Don't know why both of my faves involve Baltimore, how weird)" @MistressMalice2


    "Zoot Suit. I saw its revival in Los Angeles a couple years ago. It's just as relevant today as it was 40 years ago, sadly, dealing with complex issues of racism and social justice while delivering brilliant dance numbers and singable melodies. I did my Master's thesis on a couple other of Luis Valdez plays, so I'm biased." Grace Joseph

    "I'm not sure if it's obscure, but The Ruling Class by Peter Barnes! I saw an excellent production of it starring James McAvoy in London. It's so funny, but it also has really poignant and darker undertones that make it really hard-hitting." Laura Travis

    "I was in the Canadian premiere of a play called Nothing But the Truth by Eve Lederman last year. Pretty sure a New York production happened shortly after. I do hope it takes off, the script is fantastic!" Jessie Gurniak

    "Definitely "Travesties!" The play is filled with energy and the most eccentric characters! It's just a great play that uses obscurity and obscurity to form great humor, one liners and present its story in an interesting way!" Andy Conway

    "I saw The Wheel at Steppenwolf about five years ago and it was so interesting and epic, it's stayed with me since. But I don't think it's really done much." Kristina Baron-Woods

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