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BWW Prompts: Share A Memory From A Show You Saw On Tour


BWW readers share their favorite Broadway on tour memories!

BWW Prompts: Share A Memory From A Show You Saw On Tour

We want to hear from you! Submit your response to our daily #BWWPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"I saw Carol Channing touring in Hello Dolly. At one point she tilted her head at the audience to uproarious laughter. Then she tilted the opposite way to more laughter. This went on for at least 5 minutes No dialogue. But we nearly peed our pants." @SammiFromOregon

"Saw cats on tour. It was in a large tent. It was raining. Very loud. Also, the tent was not completely rainproof. Loved the cast, though. Very, very good dancers and powerful singers." @Avocatties1

"Saw Anastasia on tour last year. The lighting, the costumes, everything. Seeing it live was and Experience. I remember walking into the theatre and the beautiful curtain, and leaving in happy tears." @LuluOnStageLeft


"A Bronx Tale with Nick Cordero." @team_alyssa_rocks

"So I saw Legally Blonde on tour and the dog playing Bruiser had a wee on stage." @jasminaj92

"In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the guy who played Willy Wonka dropped a prop and it rolled off the stage right into my lap and I got to keep it!" @zac.bolognon

When Mean Girls came to Tampa it was the best!! My first official broadway show and what made it so special was meeting the cast who where all so sweet at the stage door and even meeting some walking down town!" @emily.diane.grubbs

"I've seen a lot of tours! But my favorite was when I saw Beautiful in Tampa and the brilliant Abby Mueller was playing Carole. I remember being in tears by the end of the first song because her voice sounded like an actual angel. By the end of the show I remember being so overwhelmed by emotion and I couldn't stop thinking about the performance for weeks. She just touched my heart and from there on out I have loved and been obsessed with her!" @tori_murray


"Bandstand on tour! Unknowingly, it was their last performance due to COVID. It was one of my last memories of life being "normal." There's no other show I would rather have as my last for a while." Abby Haelig

"One of my favorite memories was taking two friends who had experienced many challenges that year to see Cinderella. Watching them experience the magic of the show, specifically the quick changes, was something I will never forget." Jason Copen

"Wicked. Lansing, Michigan in 2008. When Galinda threw her wand offstage during the Popular scene, it hit a set piece and came right back on, landing right between her and Elphaba. She picked it up, said "I'm so bad at magic I can't even make my wand disappear!" and flung it back offstage again." Jessie Gurniak

"Taking my grand kids to The Lion King for the first time and seeing their faces when the animals came down the aisle right next to them! Pure enjoyment and delight!" JoeLynne Suttorp

"I saw Rent when it toured 11 years ago with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal reprising their roles of Mark and Roger. After the show I got to meet Gwen Stewart who was also part of the original cast and on tour with them. She could still belt out the solo in Seasons of Love." Vicki Asato

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