BWW Interview: Anthony Rapp On His Role in the New Film, DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN and the Importance of the Commitment of Marriage

BWW Interview: Anthony Rapp On His Role in the New Film, DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN and the Importance of the Commitment of MarriageAnthony Rapp has been breaking barriers to social change with his roles for decades. Opening up the hearts of audiences from his days as Mark Cohen in Rent, Rapp continues to challenge the status quo in the new film, Do You Take This Man. Rapp stars as Daniel, one half of a couple preparing for marriage, and on the eve of the wedding, family and friends gather with the couple to celebrate the upcoming marriage. The gathering ultimately sparks thoughts within Daniel about the core of his relationship to his partner, Christopher (Jonathan Bennett) and what it truly means to make a life-long commitment. In doing so, the film emphasizes the important fact that any marriage - gay or straight - takes a lot of work and requires a constant flow of communications and support from both partners, as well as their family and friends.

BroadwayWorld had the incredible honor of speaking with Rapp prior to the film's release and spoke about his involvement with this groundbreaking film; lessons learned from pre-wedding jitters; and the importance of the commitment of marriage for all human couples.

What was it about this project that first drew you in?

I've known Joshua Tunick, the director, for many years. He was the director of photography on a small indie film I did called Open House, and we had kept in touch since then. He reached out to me and asked me to read the script and offered me the lead, which was very exciting. I think Joshua is very smart, talented, and interested in human complexity in his work, and I was struck by the honesty and warmth in the script. I was honored to be a part of a film that was telling a story I could get behind.

Can you take me through Daniel's personal journey, as he prepares for marriage and some of the questions/thoughts he is having before the big day? What does this ultimately say about his relationship with Christopher?

Daniel is someone who tries to structure his life in very particular ways -- it brings him comfort. He is feeling extremely secure in his relationship with Christopher when the film begins, but he does have some latent concerns about their age difference and the distance he feels from Christopher's friends. Events that transpire through the course of the film cause those concerns to bubble to the surface, and bring into question the core of their relationship.

Based on the trailer, it seems like the couple's family and friends have a lot to share when it comes to marriage advice. What kind of influence do their words have on the couple as they prepare for their union?

Daniel's parents give the best and wisest advice -- to know that the happiness of marriage is only possible because of the hard work involved in staying present and in communication with one another.

What are some of the greatest lessons around the importance of the commitment of marriage that the film presents?

That it's a commitment made in public surrounded by people who love and support and hold space for the couple, that it's a reminder of a promise to stick it out through the good and bad times.

How do you hope the film will challenge audiences, in terms of views on marriage, in this day and age?

I hope that it will provide yet another example of the fact that all relationships -- gay or straight -- are complex, and that all couples are deserving of support and the opportunity to forge the kind of union they want to forge that will express their love and commitment.

Do You Take This Man is now playing in select theaters across the country.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures

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