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In case you live under a rock or you're a bear in hibernation or you're my mother on the west coast who calls to tell me it's 80 degrees and perfect outside, I just want to let you know that it's freaking cold in New York! At this point, I have a decent amount of east coast winters under my belt, but it happens every year; it's winter, it's freezing, I stare at my closet and revert right back to the California girl I am while thinking, "why do I have so many cocktail dresses? I need a sweater or something..."

On Friday, it was a good old fashioned snow day in the city, and we had two shows at Disaster. I was so nervous that the weather would keep people away but luckily our audience didn't share my cold weather life choice of being lazy/ordering takeout/watching Netflix. Even fancy pop star Adam Lambert braved the cold for us! He jokingly mentioned after the show that he laughed so much, it was like an ab workout. Basically, we're perfect for your New Year's resolution to lose 5 pounds. Come laugh at us and fit into your jeans, boo!

**WARNING: This article is about to get super cheesy** You guys, our cast is in love! We don't have many two show days, but the few that we have had are so great because between shows we'll head to a movie, grab a bite, or play games. After the matinee, a bunch of us went to one of the Yum Yum Bangkok's (there are at least three of them on 9th avenue and they're all delicious). It was already great to relax and stuff our faces with Thai food, but it got even better when we busted out Cards Against Humanity. The game is described on the front of the box as "a party game for horrible people." I took a video of the stupidly funny Jennifer Simard doing a dramatic reading of the cards, but she's kind of the greatest and I don't want you to think she's a horrible person so that video will not be shared (unless you work for Cards Against Humanity and you need to be put in touch with your new spokeswoman). We braved the cold and bundled up for the second show and again, our audience was awesome! They had no idea that we were backstage singing our harmonies while huddled around a space heater...

We ended our epic two show snow day with a karaoke extravaganza! For me, karaoke is my waking nightmare. Sing something without rehearsal, in some random key? NOPE! But this cast...oh this cast can sing!!!!!! I will put aside my anxiety issues with karaoke just to sit with them and watch the show. The riffing, the harmonies, the hilariously accurate narration of what's happening in the random karaoke videos. It's kind of dark, but I tried to capture the brilliance of my loves on video. So dearest reader, I'll leave you with a little taste from our dance party to "Shout!"

There are not enough sweater tights in the world to keep me warm...

Our cast with Adam Lambert. Notice how skinny he looks because he burned so many calories laughing at us.

Space heater. Sweet, sweet space heater.

Jonah Verdon and I bundling up backstage.

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