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I was a bit intrusive to my cast this evening: I went around to each cast member and stuck my voice memo recorder in their face asking them 4 on-the-spot questions about Henry Higgins. It proved to be a funny experiment as my cast mates blurted out some of their answers (I made this a timed experiment, asking each cast member to say the first answer that came to mind). As it turns out, there were a few common answers about where Higgins would live, or which celebrity he resembles. And just the same, there were some "left field" answers which were cause for a chuckle. Here are the questions I asked:

1) If Henry Higgins had a dog, what kind of breed would it be?

2) What is Henry Higgins' favorite dinner?

3) If Higgins was alive today, which celebrity would he resemble?

4) Which neighborhood in New York (or St. Louis for the locals) would Higgins live?

The quick answers proved to be funny both for me and for the cast member I was polling. I hope you get a laugh, too.

The most common answer for dog was English Bulldog; and for dinner was some sort of boiled beef & cabbage. For neighborhood, Upper East Side won, although Gramercy seemed the most appropriate answer.

But, my favorite answers were for celebrity resemblance. I've posted each cast members' response for Henry Higgins' celebrity resemblance below:

Chris Guilmet, who plays Henry Higgins:

Answer: Simon Cowell

Zoe Vonder Haar, who plays Higgins mother has an interesting perspective on her son:

Answer: Pee Wee Herman

Steve Isom, Loverly Quartet:

Answer: Ralph Fiennes

Ellen Isom, dance captain answered:

Answer: George Clooney

Edward Juvier, Doolittle:

Answer: Bill Nye the Science Guy

John Flack, Pickering:

Answer: Bill O'Reilly

Alan Ball, George the Bartender:

Answer: Conan O'Brien

Larry Mabrey, Loverly Quartet & Constable:

Answer: Ricky Gervais

Lori Barrett-Pagano, Ensemble:

Answer: MR. Bean

Michele Burdette Elmore, Lady Boxington:

Answer: Kevin Spacey

Lauren Roesner, Clara Eynsford-Hill:

Answer: George Clooney

Patrick David, Harry:

Answer: Tom Hanks

Sean Quinn, Jamie:

Answer: Ian McKellen

Kari Ely, Mrs. Pearce:

Answer: Colin Firth

Lois Enders, Busker:

Answer: Ian McShane

Craig Blake, Loverly Quartet:

Answer: Phil Donahue

Lindsey McKee, Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Answer: Hugh Grant

Stephen Barnowski, Cecil:

Answer: Daniel Day Lewis

Jonathan Kwock, Busker:

Answer: Ian McKellen

Jeffrey Scott Stevens, Loverly Quartet

Answer: George Clooney

Pamela Rekamp, Servant:

Answer: Lara Teeter

Pamela Brumley, Eliza:

Answer: Sean Penn

high res photos

Christopher Guilmet as Henry Higgins

Edward Juvier, Alan Ball, Larry Mabrey

Lori Barret-Pagano, Zoe Vonder Haar, Lindsey McKee

Jeffrey Scott Stevens

Pamela Rekamp, Ellen Isom, Michele Burdette Elmore

Steve Isom, Stephen Barnowski

Lois Enders, Craig Blake

Patrick David, Sean Quinn

Jonathan Kwock

high res photos

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