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10 Memorable Moments of 2006

A show doesn't have to be among the year's 10 best to supply a wonderfully memorable moment.  Here are ten moments that stick in my mind when recalling the plays and musicals and special performances of 2006. 

17-year-old Allison Fischer knocking 'em undead in her Broadway debut, stopping Lestat cold with "I Want More."  Oh, release the damn cd, already.  I'll buy a copy. 

That painfully heart-tugging scene in The Two And Only when ventriloquist Jay Johnson must tell his wooden partner, Squeaky, that they have to split up the act because the television network wants to go with a less loveable looking sidekick.  Can a dummy be nominated for Best Supporting Actor? 

That hilarious moment in The Lieutenant of Inishmore.  I don't want to spoil it for those who don't know the play, but those who saw it… you know the moment I'm talking about. 

And for that matter, that moment in Shining City.  Not so hilarious but just as memorable.

When Jill O'Hara first opened her mouth at On Ice, 38 years after opening in the original Broadway production of Promises, Promises, and wrapped that warm purr of a voice around "Whoever You Are, I Love You" sounding exactly as gorgeous as on the cast album. 

That insane scene in director Dan Wackerman's uproarious production of Room Service, where David Edwards, Fred Berman and Robert O'Gorman are all putting on as much clothing as possible.  Don't ask; just get yourself over to the SoHo Playhouse and have a blast. 

Roosevelt Andre Credit pulling a Shirley MacLaine at Scott Siegel's Jerome Kern tribute at Town Hall.  Filling in on a few hours notice, Credit delivered a brilliantly detailed performance of "Ol' Man River" with both great power and great subtlety, tremendously nuanced and indelibly memorable.  How do you remember his name?  "It's Roosevelt like the president, Andre like the giant and Credit like give me some." 

Jonathan Pryce staring down the audience with an arched eyebrow and practically commanding them to laugh louder in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Graciela Daniele's fascinating and inventive staging of Michael John LaChiusa's intense and inspired Bernarda Alba (my favorite new musical of the year) was filled with memorable moments that seamlessly infused all aspects of musical theatre.  Her use of flamenco dance to simulate the sound of horses mating during one scene was particularly stunning. 


My favorite new play of the year, David Grimm's Restoration-style comedy, Measure For Pleasure, had Euan Morton (I like this guy more and more with every performance.) as a transvestite prostitute we first meet as he's giving oral sex to a devoted customer played by Michael Stuhlbarg And it was the cutest love scene of the year. 

What were some of your most memorable theatre moments of 2006?  Please comment and share them with us.

Top Photo by Paul Kolnik:Allison Fischer and Hugh Panero in Lestat

Center Photo by Pal Kolnik:Nikki M James in Bernarda Alba

Bottom Photo by Michael Daniel:Emily Swallow and Euan Morton in Measure For Pleasure

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