Singin' in the Rain to close Aug for Commitments

Broadway Star
Singin in the Rain is expected to close end of August ahead of Commitments musical due to open at The Palace in November
Broadway Legend
Singin has had a great run and should do well on tour but I'm unsure about The Commitments, it doesn't sound like something that would work as a musical.
FireFingers Profile Photo
See, I can see it working, but not for a long run. The film has been forgotten. I'd want to see it but I can't think many would. But obviously, it's a bit early to judge it. Viva Forever appeared to be a success on paper and hasn't been, so until opening night, we might get anything.
Princeton Returns Profile Photo
Princeton Returns
Broadway Legend
just dont see the commitments attracting an audience to fill the palace
Phantom of London Profile Photo
Phantom of London
Broadway Legend
Not my type of show really, but then again I think this will make a great show and will challenge my opinions.

A lot of people on here were very negative towards Singing In The Rain and said it would be lucky to last 3 months, the show went on to get great reviews, although the show didn't do as well as it should with awards, the show did have stunning performances, score and some of the performances were in the excellence of superlative.

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