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Wing-It Productions is presenting their latest bit of improvised hilarity with "Quiz Show".  And the performers may not know the answers to the questions, but they certainly know how to keep the audience laughing.

Improvisers Chris Allen, John Boyle, Dave Clapper, Tim Harahan, Kate Jaeger, and Jim Reardon (at least for the night I saw it) along with host Ian Schempp take a new spin on the typical panel quiz show.  But here it doesn't really matter if you win or lose or even if you know any of the answers, it's all about the comedy.  This crazy group tackled everything from Socialism to pop culture to TV theme songs in order to out think, out wit and out funny their opponents.  The night I was there we had the liberals against the conservatives and while there was no real story, the performers kept their theme going throughout.

But beyond the theme, this is really just a chance to hang with some amazing improvisers.  With no script and no real story and tons of audience interaction, think of it like getting to play a trivia game with the funniest group of people you've ever met.  Yes, at times the audience gets to play too and for awhile there it looked like we might actually beat out one of the teams as the liberals did not get off to a great start.

Schempp and his tech wrangler for the evening Kris Corbitt kept the show moving along and doled out the points as they saw fit.  And beyond the answers, points were given out for people's ages (and a Happy Birthday to Kate Jaeger), supplying of drinks and just plain being funny.  But then there were also lost points for some of those bits that just didn't work out. 

If I had to give out some extra points for the evening, I'd have to call out Jaeger for her outrageousness (your Mom did what to Michael Jackson?); Boyle for his unwavering swagger; Allen for his understated hilarity (it's always the quiet ones) and Reardon for that evil little twinkle in his eye.  But then they were all hysterical.

And what was the outcome of the quiz?  Well the audience didn't do too shabby with 43.5 points.  But the match between those liberals and conservatives was the closest with the liberals squeaking by with a score of 75 to the conservatives 74.  But even though we had the lowest score the real winners were the audience for having an amazing evening.  So dust off your thinking caps and take a trip out to Wing-It for their next "Quiz Show".  Missing it would be the wrong answer.

"Quiz Show" plays at Wing-It productions in the University District through June 17th.  For tickets or information visit them online at

Photo credit: Todd Gardner


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