Wide Eyed Productions Announces WIDE EYED WINKS, a Development Season, Now Through 8/24

Wide Eyed Productions Announces WIDE EYED WINKS, a Development Season, Now Through 8/24

Wide Eyed Productions presents Wide Eyed Winks, A Season of Development at Wide Eyed Productions.

Performances: February 27th - August 28th, 2014 on the last Thursday of every month
UPCOMING: March 27th at 7:30pm

This season predicates future seasons by workshopping and reading plays to excite and invigorate theatergoers and the production company alike. Through a series of readings open to the public, Wide Eyed Productions aims to strike a chord within the community.

Each month will feature a twenty-minute segment from three original works by three different writers which are related to, or inspired by that month's theme. This season, each month's theme is one of the seven deadly sins. At the end of each night the audience will be invited to select their favorite of the evening by casting an anonymous ballot. The majority favorite will be named a semifinalist and be invited to submit a full text to Wide Eyed Productions' Artistic Board for consideration for our final round.

Two overall finalists will be chosen and given a full staged reading of their plays at the end of the WINKS series, and one winning text will be chosen based on audience and board votes. This winning text will then be submitted to the New York International Fringe Festival for production.

Season Seven Wide Eyed Winks Line-Up:

March 27th - Wrath

The Wedge Horse by Nick Gandiello - Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann
Please Watch the Gap Between the Train and the Platform or The Morality Play by Sean Patrick Monahan - Directed by Rebecca Hengstenberg
Do Not Leave Unattended by Jan Rosenberg - Directed by Courtney Wetzel

April 24th - Pride

Are You Ready to Get PAMPERED? By Catherine Weingarten - Directed by Lyto Triantafyllidou
I Catch You Dreaming by Rafael Albarran - Directed by Gama Valle
The Eternal Husband by Nat Cassidy - Directed by Nat Cassidy

May 29th - Sloth

HDPE by Paul Hufker - Directed by Judy Merrick
Martin Rabinowitz's Guide to Life by Fred A. Bernstein - Directed by David Lally
At the Breakaway by Nat Cassidy - Directed by Nat Cassidy

June 26th - Gluttony

Did Someone Order a Pizza? By Sarah DeLappe - Directed by Lily Lamb-Atkinson
Juggalicious by Britton Buttrill - Directed by Celine Rosenthal
Snatchers! by Holcomb & Ivy - Directed by Suzanne Karpinski

July 31st - Greed

Very Bad Words by Jacob Presson - Directed by Stevie Walker-Webb
Brooklyn Vacancies by Sam Byron - Directed by Liz Carlson
Hell is Empty by Everett Goldner - Directed by Susannah Melone

August 28th - Envy

SALT by Peter Turo - Directed by Tim Butterfield
Empty Rooms by Annie Harrison Elliott - Directed by Mia Sommese
Home by Tariq Hamami - Directed by Pitr Strait

February 27th - Lust
Porn Play or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Porn by Bailey Williams - Directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham
Private Browsing by Jona Tarlin - Directed by Brad Raimondo
Parabola by Sarah DeLappe - Directed by Noa Egozi

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble and collaborative process it is our goal to create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.
In 2012, our Founding Artistic Director received the Excellence in Directing Award at the New York International Fringe Festival. In 2010 we joined the League of Independent Theater New York, and in 2009 Wide Eyed was named nytheatre.com's Person of the Year. All of these accomplishments have put Wide Eyed on the map, but what we are the most proud of is our history of producing projects that inspire the company, along with returning and new audience members. Since the beginning we have allowed the company to grow organically and let artists do what they do best: Create. For more information about the company, tickets, and how you can help support the season, please visit wideeyedproductions.com

All performances are at The Drama League Theater Center, 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013 Ground Floor, Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio.
Cost: Entry - $5 contribution; Refreshments available - $5 contribution

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