Pasadena Playhouse's Sheldon Epps Releases Statement on New CA Theater Ticket Sales Tax

April 21
11:34 AM 2012


Sheldon Epps, artistic director of Pasadena Playhouse, released a statement regarding a California tax code amendment for sales tax on tickets to live theatre productions.

"Speaking on behalf of the State Theatre of California and as a non-profit arts organization leader, it is distressing news to hear of this bill which would greatly impact the finances of our institution as well as many other non-profit theatres across the state," Epps said. "In a time when regional theatres - or any live theatre venue for that matter - are facing challenges to maintain and build their audiences, the addition of a sales tax could very well be a deterrent to a subscriber or a new patron to attend a live performance."

A bill goes before the California legislature on Monday, April 23, that seeks to impose a sales tax on tickets to live Theater Productions. The bill is specifically directed at live Theater Productions and excludes other kinds of entertainment.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced the bill, and AaRon Moreno is staffing it. He can be reached at

To read the bill, follow this link.


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