Allison Janney & More Set for Jason Reitman's All-Female GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Live Reading

February 15
8:21 AM 2013

Allison Janney & More Set for Jason Reitman's All-Female GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS Live Reading

Who says women can't fare well in the competitive world of real estate? EW reports that Jason Reitman is staging a live reading of the iconic movie GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS featuring an all-female cast. The production marks the latest twist in Reitman's film to stage recreations, including last year's staging of Reservoir Dogs featuring an all-black cast.

Reitman explains that the idea to stage the classic 1992 film with a female twist came from film critic Elvis Mitchell. "We toyed with the idea of doing a gender swap on a film like Top Gun, but instead decided on a full reverse from men to women," Reitman says. "Glengarry was Elvis's idea. It's the perfect candidate as there is no reason this script needs to be read by men outside of our own social stereotypes."

He added, "This kind of evening allows us to really pursue the original purpose of the live read - to reexamine and celebrate the author's words through new voices. I'm excited to see what plays differently and how this kind of change can further expose the genius of Mamet's play and screenplay."

Performances for the February 21st live reading will take place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and will feature actress who the filmmaker says "often favor strong character choices." The cast includes Robin Wright, as sales agent Ricky Roma, (originated by Al Pacino), Catherine O'Hara, taking on Shelley Levene, (originated by Jack Lemmon), Maria Bello as Dave Moss, (originated by Ed Harris), Allison Janney as George Aaronow, (originated by Alan Arkin), and Mae Whitman, portraying office manager John Williamson, (originated by Kevin Spacey. No details yet on casting for the role of Blake, originated by Alec Baldwin.

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