Review Roundup: ROCKY das Musical

December 21
6:36 AM 2012

Review Roundup: ROCKY das Musical

The classic film "Rocky" Sylvester Stallone, who won the story of underdog boxer Rocky Balboa 1976 three Oscars celebrated on 18.11.2012 re-premiere, this time in the category Musical in Hamburg Operettenhaus.

Check out what the critics had to say:

Daniel Haas of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: "Rocky" (...) will not be as entertaining patchwork, pieced together from regular songs and witty dialogue efforts. Rocky actor Drew Sarich fight off the portrait of an underdog, but what to do with this theme song? Chorus: "The nose still holds. It is not broken, it is not even blue. And I, I do not find women "How Wietske van Tongeren, convince the actress Adrian, when her soprano throws at the following lines:".? Blade of grass that breaks the stone, looking for light " (...) Setting hectic insignificant secondary characters, and between them stirred a mushy song repertoire. The glued then the softer moments. In the beautifully choreographed ice skating scene in the background meager Christmas tree glowing in their sad as constellations. But then it says: "Ice skating is like life. One may float, remain a sticking. "These are lyrical low blows, one of which does not recover Alex Timbers's production."

Stefan reason ("The World") remarks: "The written by Stallone film story is preserved in the world champion boxing Klitschko brothers, and he co-produced 15-million-dollar production of Stage Entertainment Rocky Balboa, played in Hamburg by Drew Sarich. , comes as a debt collector and backyard boxer in Philadelphia over the rounds. lean Sarich does not look like a heavyweight, but he completed a good guy who's character and plays "Rocky" so that it is thoroughly contemporary. (...) can compete sanglich and acting alongside Sarich only Terence Archie as Apollo Creed. (...) Not prevents Timbers, however, the absurd increase in women combat zone on stage. Adrian's boss Gloria (Alex Avenell) is in the musical to Pauli's girlfriend, unceremoniously ugly so Scenes like "girls night" and songs such as "holiday" can be added as a contrast to the innocent love Adrian and Rocky. "

Matthias odes of the "Financial Times" finds: "Putting a vile Boxfilm on stage would work hard But that's" Rocky "yes after all not just the weakest of the piece that revealed the samples already, then not the transfer from one medium to the other. The weakest is the music. Stallone's screenplay was never a fundus polished phrases ("I am not filled in, it is not filled in, together we are filled"). But it had a certain charm, never quite to know how was much of it deliberate naivety of the main character -. and how much on Stallone's limited abilities declined as a writer But if the musical Rocky recognition song in the chorus line of "The nose still holds" opens, then so that boundary of the stupid is exceeded, which was at the movies angetänzelt only Anyway:.. "Gonna Fly Now," the title theme from part one, and "Eye of the Tiger" from part three of you also get to hear that from the mediocre songs is not a major annoyance is the otherwise owe quite impressive production, especially the two leads Sarich and Wietske van Tongeren are cast perfectly Sarich anyway sounds a Rocky as he better could hardly be And maybe director Timbers wrong anyway:.. Perhaps there is between the best idea and Worst somewhere which in the middle. "

Werner Theurich from the "Mirror" writes: "Rocky and Adrian (touching and voicEd Strong: Wietske van Tongeren). Have long been a pair, as their relationship is fueled by the title fight offer the world champion Creed Den is the perfect selected singers, dancers and actors Terence Archie with elegant verve and excellent boxer Body. His songs, mixed professionally from reminiscences of Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes and Phillysound (but without violins), are among the most amusing highlights. Otherwise, leaves the musical Music (Stephen Flaherty / Tracks and Lynn Ahrens / texts). proven to singer-songwriter Americana. much sounds like Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby or Randy Newman, spiced with hard beats. Nothing really innovative, but solid U.S. musical fare.

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