MBS Productions' 2 COUPLES 2 Debuts at Stone Cottage Theatre, 5/31

May 17
9:02 PM 2012

MBS Productions' 2 COUPLES 2 Debuts at Stone Cottage Theatre, 5/31

2 Couples 2 opens May 31 and runs through June 23, 2012 at the Stone Cottage Theatre, 15650 Addison road, Addison, Texas. Tickets and info at http://www.mbsproductions.net/ or by calling 214-477-4942.

This outrageous and sexy comedy will make you laugh, scandalize, tittilate, and make you think about the inherent controversy of heterosexual marriage.

A couple of young married couples head to a two-bedroom lake cabin for a weekend vacation -- but all four end up in one room, which leads to a number of interesting situations. It turns out that both husbands and wives suspect each other of having affairs, and they all are. But whether they can keep their secrets under the sheets is another matter.

This comedy about, love, marriage, sex, sexual orientation, and infidelity is inspired by the over-the-top Spanish Telenovelas and is written by our most popular and resident playwright Alejandro de la Costa who wrote the smash comedy hit Outrageous, Sexy (nekkid) Romp, Dream Cafe, and Adam and Eve in the garden of delights or Love.

This play is rated R due to language, subject matter, sexual situations and because a couple of butts are exposed.

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