REACH! Kicks Off Spring 2013 Fam Fun Fest Series at Ware & Winter Centers Today

MU Arts, which is the new umbrella name for events at the Ware and Winter Centers of Millersville University, will kick off its spring, 2013 Fam Fun Fest series with "Reach!" by Jason Reed today, February 9 at 11. The Fam Fun Fest series is created by the award-winning Barry Kornhauser for children and their parents and grandparents and always includes a stunning, nationally-recognized professional performance; hands-on, interactive fun activities; take-home hand-outs and treats for the kids.

"Reach!" - which is a touring program developed by Juilliard-trained dancer Jason Reed -- demonstrates the importance of discipline through dancing, singing, and rapping. It features wholesome, family-friendly performances by professionals and how-to instructional workshops after the show on hip-hop dancing, singing, and even rapping for the kids! "REACH!" encourages children to think outside of the box and apply their artistic endeavors to their academics, healthy lifestyle, and respect for themselves, parents, teachers, and peers. Tickets are $4. for kids ten and under; $8 for all others. It is being held at the Ware Center.

On Saturday, February 23, at 11 AM, "Comedy in Motion" -- stars Dan Kamin, a nationally acclaimed comedian. Kamin taught Robert Downey Jr. his Oscar-nominated slapstick moves in "Chaplin" and coached Johnny Depp as a mime in "Benny & Joon." Kamin, who is the go-to-guy for physical comedy, brings his tour-de-force performance providing loads of laughter and an innovative look into creative comedy. He is an expert at bringing the magic of theatre and comedy to the most unique and unlikely settings. Tickets are $4. for kids ten and under; $8 for all others. It is being held at the Ware Center.

"Cuentos del Arbol (Tree Tales)" A Pushcart Players Production, a bilingual (Spanish & English) musical for kids, is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, at 11 AM. This brightly colorful musical is drawn from Spanish and Latin American folklore. The "un arbol," a tree, nurtures and shelters numerous characters that have passed by the tree throughout the years. These tales are told with an animated Latino beat - in English and Spanish. The play is designed to bring Spanish to life and enhance Spanish literacy. It is appropriate for kids of all ages and is understandable to every one, regardless of language skills. Thanks to a special grant from Hagelgans & Veronis, sponsors of the production, tickets are FREE for kids ten and under. $8 for all others. It is being held at the Ware Center.

On Saturday, March 23 at 11 AM, join us for a lively "Global Kids Animated Short Film Festival". This festival boasts a collection of award-winning animated films from around the world. All the films - regardless of where they were made -- are easily understandable for children of all ages. Leslie Sullivan, the hostess and an animation film specialist, has chosen 50 minutes of film - but here's the fun twist: the children in the audience act as judges and select their favorite film as the winner at the end of the program! Tickets are $4. for kids ten and under and $8 for all others. It is being held at the Ware Center.

The Cashore Marionettes perform "Simple Gifts" on Saturday, April 6 at 11 AM, at the Winter Center on the Millersville campus. Through a series of moving stories set to classical music, the Cashore Marionettes use remarkable puppetry to explore emotion and celebrate life with realistic, amazingly alive puppets. This internationally famous puppet company will thrill adults, as well as children. There will be a special introduction given by Rob Brock, from Lancaster's "Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre." All tickets for this performance are $8.

"Villepalooza" Celebration, is a half day series of professional presentations and hands-on workshops for the whole community of parents, grandparents and their kids, Saturday, April 20. "Villepalooza" starts at 9 AM with a series of workshops focused on: art-making, storytelling/theatre, dance, poetry, music and more. Attendees get to choose the "art form" of their choice. Following a short refreshment break, the day continues with a special performance by "Dancing Wheels," a dance company out of Ohio which features able-bodied and handicapped dancers. It celebrates the universal spirit of the arts and honors the notion that "all things are possible".

"Villepalooza" concludes with an outdoor picnic lunch INDOORS in the spectacular Atrium on the Third Floor of the Ware Center. All tickets are $8, which includes: workshop of your choice, the "Dancing Wheels" performance in Steinman Hall, refreshments at the break and the picnic lunch.

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