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Voting Open for 2012 BWW Cabaret Awards - Vote Now!

November 6
2:47 PM 2012

Voting Open for 2012 BWW Cabaret Awards - Vote Now!

Welcome to the 2012 BroadwayWorld New York Cabaret Awards. After receiving more than 3,000 nominations since we launched the process in October, it's now time for all you cabaret performers and fans to vote for the best singers, musicians and shows of the year. Voting will continue until December 31 and winners will be announced in early January.

The 2012 BWW New York Cabaret Awards ballot below was based on the nominations received and also input from our cabaret reporters and reviewers. Now we know what you're thinking: How can an online voting process NOT be a popularity contest? Well, everyone in the New York cabaret community and their friends and family members can be sure that our awards are based more on merit than popularity. How? Well, for one thing, you'll only be able to vote ONCE. Our system is set up to receive one vote per person. But we also urge everyone to cast their vote based on whether they've actually seen the performers and the shows, so please pass along that message.  

By the way, if you see a performer's name misspelled or a show misnamed, please email our Cabaret Columnist/Reviewer Stephen Hanks at: 

Here are some notes on the voting categories and the nominees to consider before placing your vote:

1.  You can only place one vote per category. 

2.  Some performers and shows are listed in multiple categories. If you are voting for one of these candidates, try to target the category that fits best so the award wealth can be spread around.  

3.  In the Best Variety Show/Recurring Series/Open Mic category, the award will go to the producer or producers of the show or series. 

So now it's time to vote by clicking the link below. Best of luck to all the nominees! 

Voting link here.

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