VIDEO: Sneak Peek - CBS's ELEMENTARY Returns with All-New Episodes This January

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Holmes and Watson come face to face with Moriarty when their former adversary is brought in to consult on a kidnapping case, on Elementary, Thursday, January 2nd. Check out a promo for all-new episodes of CBS's ELEMENTARY coming this January!

ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD's most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escaped to Manhattan where his wealthy father forced him to live with his worst nightmare – a sober companion, Dr. Watson.  

A successful surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years earlier, Watson viewed her new job as another opportunity to help people, as well as paying a penance.  However, the restless Sherlock was nothing like her previous clients.  He informed her that none of her expertise as an addiction specialist applied to him and he had devised his own post-rehab regimen – resuming his work as a police consultant in New York City. 

With no choice but to accompany her new charge on his jobs, Watson quickly realized she had a knack for playing investigator, and Sherlock found her medical background helpful.  Sherlock's police contact, Captain Thomas Gregson, knew from previous experience working with Scotland Yard that Sherlock was brilliant at closing cases and eventually accepted the addition of Watson to his team.  Sherlock and Watson work withDetective Marcus Bell, a top-notch investigator with sharp intuition and formidable interrogation skills. With the mischievous Sherlock Holmes running free in New York solving crime, it's simple deduction that he needs someone to keep him grounded, and it's elementary that it's a job for Watson. 

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - CBS's ELEMENTARY Returns with All-New Episodes This January

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