TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE's Noel Fisher Gives Insight on Michelangelo on Anatomy of a Movie

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE's Noel Fisher Gives Insight on Michelangelo on Anatomy of a Movie

Noel Fisher appeared on E!'s Maria Menounos' online movie discussion vodcast Anatomy of a Movie to discuss the upcoming Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, out August 8th, with hosts Chloe West, JJ Jurgens and Phil Svitek. While Fisher plays Michelangelo in the film, he admits that since childhood he's a Donatello fan and during the interview he explains it's because "there was this one incarnation of Donatello... where he was kind of like all zen'd out and super guru... Even when I was a kid, I was like that seems like a really good direction to go in." Fisher adds, "I have a general theory that finding a big stick in a park is just a whole lot easier than trying to make nun-chucks in a park."

A big promotional aspect of the new Turtles' film is the new look of The Shredder and on the subject Fisher says, "I think that what people are really going to like in terms of Shredder is he's so badass."

If another TMNT video game were to be made Fisher admits he'd like to be a part of it saying, "I'd be totally down for that."

Fisher also has success in TV, being a regular on Showtime's hit show Shameless which is currently filming season 5. Fisher admits that his character Mickey is his favorite role to date. "I've played a lot of really interesting characters. I think that Mickey probably is my favorite character... He's the most complex... His character arc is so insane and beautiful."

In the season 4 cliffhanger of the show, Fisher's character Mickey sees his on show love Ian (played by Cameron Monaghan) suffer from bipolar disease. "It's both poles. It's way up and way low so [Ian] can be in a kind of down phase and be sleeping a lot and then [Ian] can have a manic phase," says Fisher. "I think that the thing that Shameless does really well is that it dramatizes [how] to cope with different situations that are difficult." For season 5, Fisher says that "Mickey's going to have to figure out how he deals with all these different kinds of highs and lows that Ian's likely to go through."