Serinda Swan Joins Cast of New USA Network Drama GRACELAND

Serinda Swan Joins Cast of New USA Network Drama GRACELAND

According to The Hollywood Reporter' Serinda Swan has joned the cast of USA Network's new drama series GRACELAND. The actress, best known for her role as 'Erica Reed' on A&E's 'Breakout Kings',  will portray Paige Arkin, described as "an intuitive and merciless DEA undercover agent living at the mansion who uses her sex appeal and unorthodox resourcefulness to infiltrate deep into drug organizations... she is a hard working and hard partying woman who gets a real rush from being at Graceland, as if living a lie is her drug of choice."

From the acclaimed creator of White Collar, Jeff Eastin, the new one-hour drama follows a diverse group of undercover agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and U.S. Customs whose worlds collide while forced to live together under the same roof of a seized beachfront mansion in Southern California called "Graceland." No matter what agency they’re from, the residents all operate by the house’s unofficial motto: "When you work for the bureau, your lies are your life."

The series begins with Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), a by-the-books rookie who graduates at the top of his FBI class and is thrown into an unconventional assignment at Graceland, rather than the administrative DC job he requested. Once there he encounters the legendary Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), the house’s senior FBI agent whose Zen approach to life doesn’t match his credentials as the Bureau’s ace agent. The series also stars Vanessa Ferlito as DEA agent Catherine "Charlie" Lopez, BranDon Jay McLaren as U.S. Customs Agent Dale Jakes, and Manny Montana as FBI agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro.

Scottie Thompson guests as Lauren Kincaid, a loyal and determined DEA agent dealing with the repercussions of her wounded partner, along with Courtney B. Vance as Quantico Section Chief special agent Sam Campbell and Jay Karnes as DEA group supervisor Gerry Silvo.

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