New Episodes of A&E's DON'T TRUST ANDREW MAYNE Premiere 1/20

New Episodes of A&E's DON'T TRUST ANDREW MAYNE Premiere 1/20

Two brand-new episodes of A&E's new original series "Don't Trust Andrew Mayne" premiere Monday, January 20 at 10PM ET/PT. The series features renowned magician Andrew Mayne as he sets out to reinvent Revenge and help people get even.

10:00 PM "Crash Test Hubby"

On a mission to help those who have been wronged Andrew Mayne finds Lisa, an angry wife who wants to get even with her husband Dave. He was supposed to buy her a new car, but instead got himself a Jeep that doesn't even run!

Andrew hatches a plan laced with mischief and illusion to help her get even and to teach Dave a lesson. Along the way, Andrew performs astounding and edgy illusions on people he encounters, all inspired by Dave's poor husbanding. Will Andrew's plan set Dave straight, or will his illusion rip them in two?

10:30 PM " Hawaiian Shirts Don't Get 'Leid'"

Andrew finds Debbie, a distraught wife whose husband Harold won't stop wearing Hawaiian shirts. Harold has such a love for hula girls and palm trees that he even wears them for fancy occasions. Feeling Debbie's growing frustration Andrew sets out to put the fire back in their relationship and show Harold how burned up his wife really is over his fashion sense.

Along the way Andrew performs illusions on unsuspecting folks inspired by Harold's outdated wardrobe. Will Harold get the message Andrew delivers or will Debbie be taking a Hawaiian vacation solo?

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