FEARnet.com to Unleash Over 30 Shocking Short Films In 2013

FEARnet.com to Unleash Over 30 Shocking Short Films In 2013

FEARnet.com is premiering over 30 genre-centric short films in 2013, treating viewers to an eclectic blend of festival favorites, international picks, rarely-seen gems, and more. New titles began appearing January 21, and will continue to be added every other week. All short films can be viewed at fearnet.com/shorts/latest.

As part of its movement to original short-form programming, FEARnet is proud to introduce all-new episodes of the popular 30-Second Bunnies Theatre franchise, made exclusively for FEARnet by creator Jennifer Shiman-a horror enthusiast and work-from-home mom who began making these animated shorts in 2004, with her well-received re-imagining of The Exorcist. "I'm a huge horror fan, first and foremost," said Shiman, who creates the shorts, herself, over the course of six weeks. "The Exorcist is one of my favorite horror movies, and I always had an interest in cartoons and animation. The idea of bunnies came about because I wanted to find a character that would lend itself to a short film synopsis."

"Every movie has different challenges, but it's always fun. Each new movie is another adventure," Shiman said. "I really enjoyed working with FEARnet to bring this series of bunny horror shorts to life." The new "Bunnies" kick off on today, January 28, with a lepus lampooning of the mega-smash Paranormal Activity. Upcoming entries include the found footage hit The Last Exorcism, the acclaimed ghost story Insidious, the redneck indie favorite Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and the medical shocker The Human Centipede. For more information on Shiman and the franchise, please visit angryalien.com, and be sure to "like" the bunnies on facebook.com/30secondbunniestheatre and follow @thebunnies and @jennifershiman on twitter.

Other highlights include:

- 'I LOVE Sarah Jane'
Jimbo is desperately in love with Sarah Jane (Mia Wasikowska, Alice In Wonderland), and will do anything to be with her. But this isn't your typical romantic comedy. Jimbo and Sarah Jane live in a post-apocalyptic world infested by zombies, in this offbeat short written and directed by Hesher helmer Spencer Susser.

Two sexy angels have been sent to earth to protect children from the beasts under their beds and the boogiemen in their closets. Team Unicorn presents this short created by Adam Green ("Holliston") and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet III), who also stars in it.