DVR ALERT: John Waters Visits CBS LATE LATE SHOW 1/14

Hairspray Creator and cult film icon John Waters will visit the CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday Jan. 14th (Early Thursday) at 12:30am (EST).

John Waters is one of the founders of the American independent film movement, transformed American cinema with his radical sensibility that gave us Pink Flamingos, the screen gimmick Odorama, the immortal Divine, the phenomenon of midnight movies, and Baltimore, Maryland as a film capital. As America's trash-auteur, author, social critic, debonair lover of the lurid, and provocateur, he has rejoiced in shocking and charming audiences throughout the world. Mr. Waters is the writer-director of the films Cecil B. Demented (2000), Pecker (1998), Serial Mom (1994), Cry-Baby (1990), Hairspray (1988), Polyester (1981), Desperate Living (1977), Female Trouble (1974), Pink Flamingos (1972), Multiple Maniacs (1970), and Mondo Trasho (1969). He is the author of four books: Shock Value, Trash Trio, Crackpot, and Director's Cut. Broadway musicals were created from both Hairspray and Cry-Baby.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is an American late-night talk show hosted by Scottish-American comedian Craig Ferguson. For more information visit,

Photo of John Water by Walter McBride/Retna Ltd.


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