Vienna State Opera Presents DON GIOVANNI, March 5

Leporello, Don Giovanni dressed seeks a way out of the bad situation in which his master brought. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, Donna Elvira invade again betrayed and Masetto and Zerlina at him, he reveals himself. In the confusion, he manages to escape. Donna Elvira tries to detach itself inside of Don Giovanni. In front of the tomb of the master and servant Commendatore meet again today. A voice from beyond interrupts Don Giovanni joy: There is a statue on the tomb of the Commendatore speaks to both. Trembling in every limb, while Leporello, Don Giovanni invites the statue to the banquet. The invitation is accepted. Don Ottavio will hasten his marriage to Donna Anna. But she has her love him back under insurance: First was the death of his father to avenge. Don Giovanni at the evening meal enjoys life. A plaque music is played Leporello waits. Since joins Donna Elvira.

In anticipation of coming disaster, they tried again to persuade Don Giovanni to repent, but reaps only scorn. When she leaves the room, she lets out a cry of horror. Leporello, fearful, announces the arrival of the statue. Fearlessly confronts her and Don Giovanni refuses to repent of his sins. And so a handshake sealed the end. Appear as Don Giovanni's pursuers, you can tell just by Leporello demise of his master.

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