American Opera Projects Announces New LGBTQ Operas

American Opera Projects Announces New LGBTQ Operas

American Opera Projects Announces New LGBTQ Operas

In light of recent news from Washington, American Opera Projects (AOP) announces that of its 31 new operas in development, four are on LGBTQ topics. For AOP, this is not new. In 1998, AOP premiered the first opera ever to focus on a lesbian relationship, Patience & Sarah, by composer Paula M. Kimper, and librettist Wende Persons, three years after Houston Grand Opera's premiere of Harvey Milk composed by Stewart Wallace to a libretto by Michael Korie.

Upcoming LGBTQ operas are:

AS ONE: 15 songs for two voices sharing the part of a sole transgender protagonist. As One is the most performed new opera in America.

- Laura Kaminsky, composer; Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed, librettists

- New productions:

- March 2-4, 2017 - Opera Colorado, Denver, CO
- May 13-21, 2017 - Long Beach Opera, Long Beach, CA

- June 2-4, 2017 - New Orleans Opera, New Orleans, LA

THREE WAY: A sex comedy opera about craving and connection.

- Robert Paterson, composer; David Cote, librettist.

- New York premiere:

- June 15-18, 2017 - AOP and Nashville Opera, BAM, Brooklyn

BEFORE NIGHT FALLS: Life of Cuban writer, Reinaldo Arenas, following his emigration to the US and battle with AIDS.

- Jorge Martin, composer; J. Martin & Dolores M. Koch, librettists.

- New production:
- March 18-25, 2017 - Florida Grand Opera, Miami, Florida

LEGENDARY: New York City's underground drag culture in the 1980s, based on a true story.

- Joseph N. Rubinstein, composer; Jason Kim, librettist.

- Opera-in-development workshop - free & open to the public:


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