SXSW Buzz Overview: TV, Brands and Celebrities

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SXSW Buzz Overview: TV, Brands and Celebrities

Austin has a large clean-up job following the end of this year's SXSW festival and we're not just talking about Lady Gaga! Without further ado Little Monsters, here is Way To Blue's recap of the most buzzed about celebrities, brands coming out of the festival.

Way To Blue researched the top events, people, brand activations, screenings and panels to discover what really rose to the top of the heap in the whirlwind of the notoriously busy annual event, and below we reveal the top ten. We examined brands by looking at which ones inspired the highest volume of social chatter during entire course of SXSW and out of those the brands how much of that discussion was focused on Intent to Purchase.

It's not just brands that cause social excitement at SXSW. It's also the celebrities in attendance as well. We looked at the major personalities who attended the event, and measured the volume of chatter around them during the course of the festival. We also wanted to know which of these personalities' appearances caused the highest share of appreciative chatter. We call this Affinity. Affinity represents positivity towards or likeability of a person or celeb; this can be reflected in conversational such as "cool", "amazing", or awesome". This has all been pulled together in a handy infographic for your viewing pleasure. Some of the key takeaways are below:

· It was a political cause célèbre vs music when it came to the most buzzed about celebrities at SXSW

· Lady Gaga lead the charge in terms of volume with almost 98,000 tweets about her festival appearance. She scored the second highest affinity rating with just 19% of those tweets being appreciative. Is the audience really disgusted with Lady Gaga's showboating antics? Maybe not.

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