P.J. Pacifico Songs Now Available on iTunes and More


In direct response to his fans' wishes, singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico has readied a live, solo acoustic EP, which will be offered as a free download by Viper Records as of May 22nd – see Pacifico's first-person notes on the genesis of the project – which he recorded in a church – below:

"Fans always talk to me at shows. I reply to almost all who write to me online and the shows are where we can have an actual conversation. Sometimes between songs, sometimes before I go on and always after the show. Most that talk to me after the performance are interested in buying CDs and saying hello to me. Since I've been touring for the past four years mostly solo acoustic, fans usually pick up one of my albums and say, "now, is this CD what I just heard? Just you and your guitar? Because that's what I want." I can never lie to my fans since they're the reason I have a career in the first place. So, I explain that they are mostly all songs that I've written on my recordings, but with a full band behind me and produced. Most of the time, my fans are okay with that and buy the CD, fully aware of what they're in for when they pop it in. But, there are also a bunch who frown and put the CD back on the table and say, "I wish I could buy a CD with just you and your guitar". Whelp, I got sick of hearing that. And the fans are always right!

"So, one night in Southport, CT last year, I booked a gig in a huge room in the back of a church with great acoustics. The concert series is called the Southport Congregational Coffee House. It's a seated show with a quiet audience, which I was told after I confirmed the date. Ding! A lightbulb lit up above my head and I knew that night would make a killer live recording. So, my producer, Andy Abel, and his friend and mine, Jeff Rider, brought in a whole separate rig to record the show professionally. It sounded fantastic, just as I thought it would. A perfect crowd with awesome sound quality.

"The songs I chose to be on this live EP were picked because I wanted to give stripped down versions of the full band songs that are on my albums. For example, I played "Incognito" that night, but the album version is acoustic to begin with. I cut it down to seven tracks on the release with cuts from my 2009 & 2011 releases, along with a new song which will be on my upcoming 2012 CD release. I'm proud of them all. Mostly because I'm playing them just the way I wrote them on my couch; just me and my guitar. Just the way my fans told me to. It's totally live and just as it sounded that night as if you were there at the gig. Not perfect, not produced, just me being me and capturing the night. This EP is for my fans. This one is my gift to them, on me."

As for EP's memorable cover photo – Pacifico's wife Sheila gets the credit. She recalled to him: "We were on our way to record your video for Lake Shore Drive' in the rain, and I saw it and made you turn around to take it, which you did, but you were like "really"? And I felt rushed and because it was raining so hard, I didn't want to use my Nikon, so I took a quick picture on my iphone (and edited in Camera+)."