Photo Flash: 3rd Annual L-DUB Film Festival Set for Sept 28-30 in Lake Worth, FL

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The Lake Worth Playhouse Stonzek Theatre is revving up for its third annual L-Dub Film Festival running almost nonstop September 28-30. With a mission to celebrate the art of filmmaking, foster an appreciation and provide opportunities for new creations, we are on our way to an outstanding run that will light up Lake Worth and draw the attention of all South Florida.

THE FILMS featured in the L-DUB Film Festival will include 4 music videos, 4 documentaries, 7 student films and 17 shorts. With entries being sent from all over Florida, Hollywood, Canada and Amsterdam, the L-DUB is bringing the best of the best to this year’s festival.

Get a taste of this year's films with the stills below!

THE OPENING NIGHT FILM will be the directorial debut of Alex Hyde-White’s 3 Days of Hamlet, a first-person documentary. What makes this film special is the hero’s personal narrative: an actor/manager, dealing with the “ghost” of his famous father, both real and imagined. Taking place over three days, the cast of Hamlet rehearse and perform a stage reading of Shakespeare’s classic — in this day of mixed media and cultural attention deficit itself — a monumental task that is renderEd Gracefully. What results is a fascinating look at how, once again, art illuminates life. By holding the mirror up to ourselves, we illuminate the world around us. 3 Days of Hamlet will receive its opening theatrical run at the Stonzek Theatre following the festival.

SHORTS will be running in blocks throughout the three day run of the festival. With more than 25 short films and music videos being featured, there is something for everyone and a smorgasbord board of quality work for even the most sensitive of palates. An exciting new addition, we will be featuring a student showcase of superior student films from students local to South Flordia.

THE CLOSING FILM SHOWCASE will be the joint showing of three short films approximately a half hour each. “In festivals, short films rarely receive the focus they deserve. Filmmaking is no less complex or artful in shorts as in feature films. We wanted to take this opportunity to honor this unique form of filmmaking with a special closing showcase.” – Charlie Birnbaum, Festival Director

The three shorts featured include:

Book Deal, directed by Frank Eberling, where a literary scholar Beth Flannery winds up a year-long series of interviews she's conducting with world renowned novelist Robert Darville for an in-depth profile she's writing. At the last minute, he propositions her, and as their wrenching negotiations proceed, he reveals to her what could be the literary coup of the decade. A battle of the sexes ensues in this dark tragi-comedy.

High Tea, directed by Marc Conen, where a British master thief Jack attempts to rip off his patron whilst carrying out a job in Amsterdam.

Flea Market Finish Line, directed by Ika Santamaria, where Cata, a Cuban-American housewife, seeks to have her family in order. Her daughter, Belkis, is only concerned with prom and spending time with her boyfriend, a go-cart racer and mechanic on a fast-track to nowhere. To make matters worse, her husband Roberto is a nostalgic former rebel more concerned with his politics than his family.

SEMINARS will be running Saturday afternoon on a variety of subjects of interest to filmmakers and fans alike. They provide a time to meet with industry professionals in a relaxed, intimate Q&A environment adjacent to the Stonzek Theatre.

-Hollywood veteran actor, Alex Hyde-White, and first time director will offer his insights into the difficulties and opportunities of “Guerilla Filmmaking.” He will take his workshop through the raising of the budget, assembling a cast, producing and directing the film and the ins and outs of marketing the finished work. Learn from a professional who has just done it all.

-Actors’ New Direction, a special two-hour seminar taught by the highly accredited writer/director Frank Eberling, offers actors alternatives for furthering their careers. Eberling has worked as a writer/director/ or producer on over 100 S.A.G. productions. The thrust of the seminar is to encourage actors to take charge of their careers by producing their own films. Eberling stated that he has two “How-To” objectives in teaching this course: the first is how to change your life in two hours, and the second is how to appear in a starring role in a feature film within one year. If actors follow what they learn in this seminar, they may do just that.

-Screenwriter Michael Chasin will be hosting a seminar, The Football Game as a Screenplay. Participants will create a screenplay for “The Football Game” using the dramatic structure of Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather. Revealing the dramatic parallels between the two screen plays will help filmmakers write stronger screenplays – and film lovers better understand films. Michael is a South Florida screenwriter and award winning filmmaker (including Best Screenplay) with experience ranging from writing, directing, editing, and producing to screenplay consulting. In addition, Michael has been a film festival founder and director, screenplay judge, award presenter, and seminar leader.

INDUSTRY COLLABORATION is something we are promoting and encouraging as a vital component to the festival. In this effort, the L-DUB Film Festival will be providing space and time for filmmakers to meet, collaborate and plan.

MEETING SPACE will be available for filmmakers during the entire run of the festival in the seminar room around the seminar schedule. It is open for their use to socialize, network and interact with other local filmmakers in a relaxed environment that caters to fostering new relationships, establishing business connections, deal making, engaging in creative discussions and learning from other professionals in the industry. After last year’s large success at connecting new filmmakers to collaborate on projects which are being featured in this year’s festival or are now in development, we felt it was an integral part of our festival to provide them a space to meet.

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