Museum of the Moving Image Presents an Evening with the Work of David Lynch, 10/13


Museum of the Moving Image presents an evening with the work of David Lynch, from trancendental Meditation to Eraserhead, featuring a screening of documentary Meditation, Creativity, Peace, followed by discussion, reception with donuts and coffee, and rare screening of 35mm print of cult classic Eraserhead, on Saturday, October 13, 2012, 5:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

Best known for his postmodern cinematic masterpieces like Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Twin Peaks, David Lynch has also worked with music, visual art, performance, and entrepreneurship. In recent years, he has taken on an entirely new and different role, as a champion of the transformational possibilities of Transcendental Meditation. In collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation, Museum of the Moving Image presents a special screening of Lynch's new documentary on the subject, Meditation, Creativity, Peace.

"In today's world of fear and uncertainty, every child should have one class period a day to dive within himself and experience the field of silence-bliss-the enormous reservoir of energy and intelligence that is deep within all of us," writes Lynch on his foundation's website. Meditation, Creativity, Peace follows him on his two-year, 16-country tour to share how that bliss can be achieved by all people through Transcendental Meditation.

An introduction by the David Lynch Foundation's Executive Director Bob Roth will provide valuable insight and behind the scenes detail to this amazing document of a personal journey to change the world. The screening will be followed by a reception in the Moving Image Café with donuts from The Doughnut Plant and David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. Later in the evening, guests will have the opportunity to attend a special 35mm screening Lynch's surrealist classic, Eraserhead.

Tickets for each screening are included with Museum admission and will be available first-come, first-served on the day of the program. This program is free for Museum members (who may also reserve tickets in advance). To become a member visit or call 718 777 6877.

Film screenings take place in the main theater at Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue (at 37 Street), Astoria, and are included with Museum admission.

Meditation, Creativity, Peace
Introduced by Bob Roth, Executive Director, David Lynch Foundation
Followed by reception in the Moving Image Café with donuts from The Doughnut Plant and David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee
2012, 71 mins. Digital Projection. Edited by Noriko Miyakawa. 'This is a donut. It is very sweet, and very good. But if you've never tasted a donut, you wouldn't really know how sweet and how good a donut is… Transcendental Meditation is like that. Transcendental Meditation gives an experience much sweeter than the sweetness of this donut. It gives the experience of the sweetest nectar of life, pure bliss consciousness." This fascinating documentary follows David Lynch on a 16-country tour of Europe and the Middle East to spread the word about the individual and global impact of Transcendental Meditation (TM). With equal parts wit and passion, Meditation, Creativity, Peace, shows the director's commitment to TM as way of changing the world, starting from within. The film also offers rare insight into Lynch's creative process, through interviews and revealing moments from the tour.