Only Olives From Spain Dares Tantalize Your Palette With All New Seamus Mullen Recipes

Only Olives From Spain Dares Tantalize Your Palette With All New Seamus Mullen Recipes

Only olives from Spain and Chef Seamus Mullen unite to bring the Spanish olive to the forefront of the culinary and dining experience, raising awareness of the versatility of the product by unveiling exclusive recipes that will make anybody's mouth water. This key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest diets in the world, is an all-around delight with so many varieties and ways to savor them.

Developed in conjunction with Olives from Spain, Mullen's recipes vary from simple, quick appetizers to sophisticated main courses, designed not only to be accessible and attractive to home-cooks and experts alike, but to showcase the many ways Spanish olives can spice up any meal or special occasion. Dishes such as Dressed Olives and Mixed Olives from Spain with Ventresca Marinade can be made in minutes while Olive Crusted Wild King Salmon will give cooks the opportunity to impress and delight guests at their next dinner party.

"I've always loved Spanish culture and olives are an integral part of Spanish cuisine. Not only are they easy to use and delicious," said Chef Seamus Mullen. "It's important for me to use ingredients that speak for themselves and really add taste to a recipe but also keep the dish nutritious and flavorful."

Chef Mullen's alignment with Olives from Spain marks a momentous occasion for foodies around the nation, enticing travel from near and far to experience these delectable recipes. The love for olives doesn't stop here, with Olives from Spain available in more than 120 countries in the world, it's no wonder Chef Seamus Mullen aligned with the campaign. Set as the global leader for olive cultivation, Spain accounts for 39 percent of the world's olive trade and holds the ideal climate for the crop's growth. The initiative for Olives from Spain is led by Interaceituna, an Inter-Professional Table Olive Organization recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Tertulia will continue to highlight the alignment with Olives from Spain by serving olives for guests until the end of the year. In addition, cooks from around the globe can bring the wonder of each special dish into their very own kitchen with online recipe cards created by Mullen himself.